Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pool Sliders!

Really you may be saying? Pool and mini golf at Disney? I know, but we are staying at a resort with the nicest pool on Disney property - Beach Club. (and being here for 2 weeks we figure we have plenty of time to hit the parks)

There are several pools, all with sand bottoms (which I hate! yuck, sand). There is also this great slide that goes really fast down a tube and then it goes very fast around these curves that throw you very fast, I HATE IT! However, Anderson loves it. So I keep going down it with him. Near the big slide there is a small slide and Parker loves it. The first 4 times we couldn't figure why he would keep screaming and yelling and crying and then saying "AGAIN! AGAIN!" Finally realized that it was because he wanted me to go down the small slide first. After that, we couldn't get him to stop! He loved it. You can see in this picture that he is going down the slide making a funny face... he knew the camera was there.

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