Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Soccer Mom Time!

We are in full swing with Fall Soccer.

This time Anderson's coach is a friend of ours so I think he is doing better, and his coach has a great upbeat, and very fun personality. He jokes with the boys and keeps them laughing, which Anderson loves!

This past week was exciting. We couldn't contain Parker anymore on the sidelines. He kept running out on the field and would get really mad that he couldn't play. He would run out and then when the boys would start playing, he would come giggling back to the sidelines. It was really cute! At one point he would run Anderson did a crying moment too. He was mad when he couldn't be goalie anymore. Oh its going to be fun!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!


First I will start off and tell you about the super cute thing my dear friend Sarah did for me. She made a MAVDAVFAV Platter for Bible Study tonight! :) She made a platter of some of my favorite things from Trader Joes! How creative!

**Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies/Raspberry Jelly Donuts/Vanilla Wafers** YUM YUM

So I'm officially out of the "early 30's" of my life! ugh...I'm creeping eerily closer to that BIG 4-0!!!! Luckily and thankfully, I have been blessed with "Pearl Cream" skin! I still look like a teenage mom. Although my hairdresser is starting to have to pluck out the grays and in some pics I can see the wrinkles. I don't feel like I'm getting wiser, maybe just more experienced b/c I am going through life???

Parker and I got have a leisure morning. After dropping Anderson off at school we went to Starbucks and I splurged on a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Yummy! Pumpkin is my favorite flavor and I love to eat everything Pumpkin in the fall! Normally I only get a regular coffee at Starbucks, just can't stomach the $4-$5 drinks, but since its my birthday - why not? Then we headed over to a nearby outdoor shopping center that I don't go to often, just b/c the shops are a bit more high end (which equals OBNOXIOUS PRICES), but I love walking around and looking at all things that I just can't stomach to purchase! (And thankfully didn't today after the almost 800 drop in the stock market - I think my DH would of FREAKED if I splurged on anything fun!) I did get some Christmas shopping done so that was very exciting to me.

The boys got me a very cute Birthday card that Anderson is so proud of to pick out himself. He loves those music cards they have Hallmark, but the one he got was super cute. DH said he spent like 10 minutes looking at all the different options. He signed his name and everything! Adorable!

DH has arranged (thanks to my dear friend, Heather) a nice dinner party on Friday with my dear friends. We are headed to a nearby steakhouse for some yummy food! Can't wait to blog about that!

**I do apologize that I haven't had anything to blog about lately! ** I promise to pick things up!

this blog is dedicated to my friend "Grumpy" - you know who you are! He bugged me to post something new!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tailgating at the Train Station

DH took the train back tonight from Charlotte. I grabbed takeout and we had a picnic in the back of the van. Notice the towels I lined the van with.

The boys loved watching the train come in. Parker couldn't stop saying "TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN".

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny thing (or 2) about Parker

Parker's security blanket is called "B". It got its name because we were calling it his 'blanket' but when he first started talked all he could say was "B".

He likes to have all of them, especially when he sleeps. And you can't trick him with new ones or ones that aren't in the usual line-up. I bought new ones 6months ago and he would throw them out of the bed.

What his favorite thing to do when he is tired is to put one on his head. If Parker is in the car, he may put one behind his head, but definitely one on the top. Not sure why, but its a usual occurance.
Another thing that he does that makes us laugh is this:

He makes that face and crosses his arms when he is mad! Its kinda cute.... but it doesn't stop us from disciplining him!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Messy Boy!

The boys had ice cream bars...here is Parker after his!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"officially a soccer mom"

Well, I did it today...I bought a minivan! Yep, I took the big step and went out and got one. Its a nice sleek black one. I can't believe that DH got it. But its great! I know that it will be so much easier to cart the kids around. A few years ago, I vowed never to get one, it was too nerdy and I didn't want one. Well, I don't care anymore! Its funny but the older I get the less I care. I'm more into convenience and comfort!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Internet - Getting the shakes

Since moving over to the "cheap seats" of WDW, aka, the motels on WDW property, I haven't had any "free" internet. I almost started the getting the shakes.... but DH had to get online for some work stuff, so here I am trying to weed through all my emails and upload some pics and sort through and respond through all my facebook messages...phew

We've been busy and thankfully have been fortunate enough to dodge a lot of rain from Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike. Its been a lot of fun. We had some friends, Chris & Robin meet us here from home and we spent some time with them. We ate dinner and met up with them for evening fireworks.

Today we took the boys to the Main Street Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom. We huffed it over there right at 'rope drop' and got in to be the first people of the day. We have been holding off the boys haircuts so we could do this today. They got their haircuts and then painted. Unfortunately, Parker didn't get his hair painted b/c he would touch it and play with it and it takes a while for it to dry. But it was fun. DH and I got it done too (I only got mine painted) and you get can 'pixie dust' on the top of your hair. Here are some of the great pics I got. It did wash off very very easily. However, I think I will be picking out sparkles and confetti aka pixie dust, out of my hair for weeks. The boys did get Mickey Ears painted on the back of the hair as well.

Our friend, Ryann, is here too with her mom and dad and she went to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique this morning (which is why we waited til today to get our hair done). She got all made up to be like Cinderella. Its the coolest thing! I went over there and watched her during the whole process. It was AWESOME!

We made a huge leap today, Parker actually touched a character. Last week he got to the point where he could stand next time to them, and each time, we would be like "he's a bit shy and we don't like to touch Mickey"...and today, we couldn't get him to stop! No hugs or anything, but he did high fives and kisses. It as so cute. We ate lunch at Chef's Mickey, a character dining, and we saw Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy (his fav), and Donald. It was great!

Too much we have done, but you can get all the pics and updates on my flickr site.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crazy Mom

DH is in NJ today, and he will be at the opening night at the Giants game! What a life! :)

Today I ventured into the Magic Kingdom. Got the kids safely on the bus, while I managed to fold up the giant stroller and get it on the bus and then find my kids and have them sit safely on the bus. We did have to wait about 30min for a bus, so that was fun, trying to keep my kids out of traffic. Of course anytime Parker got out of the stroller I would have to hold him. So, this was my pose all day, Parker on my hip and the other hand on Anderson... oh did I mention its 95 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Fun times.

When we get to Magic Kingdom we make our way over to Frontierland. We do the jungle cruise, magic carpets, and then the Pirate ride. Innocent enough. Anderson really didn't want to, but I convinced him to do it. He's done it before and wasn't scared. Parker is a different story. He was scared. He didn't scream or anything but he was on my lap with his head facing behind me. And then as if we didn't have enough scary in him, we head over to the Haunted Mansion. I will blame the unbearable heat on this one. Anderson knows its pretend so he likes this ride. Parker on the hand.... It all started when they shut the lights off on you on the elevator. Luckily, I reminded him before it happened so Parker survived that. However, the entire ride he was scared.... Again, I blame the swealtering 95 degree heat.

We head over the Fantasy Land and ride "Its a Small World" - to make up for all the scariness I've endured my baby and then Pooh's ride. Both are Parker's fav. After that we head over the ToonTown to take the train back to the main entrance. Before getting on the train, we walk into the "Judges Tent" where there is a large store and you can stand in line for 30 min to see the Princesses. I went into the store and got my Parker a goofy toy. I am a HUGE sucker for plush. And luckily my kids are not interested in them at all. Parker has shown a very small attraction to them, but very small. However, it is small so I will take it. I got him a Goofy toy. (not doll, but toy). He was way into it. he kept hugging it and it sat next to him in the stroller and as I type, it is sleeping on a pillow next to him in the bed. HOW CUTE. In all fairness I did offer to buy Anderson, chip & dale, but he said no. When DH asks about my purchases I will blame the heat! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweet Moments

I love seeing the tender moments between my boys. And then of course a split second later they are fighting and hitting each other...ah brotherly love.

Today was a tender moment. During Parker's nap time, I allowed Anderson to watch a video. Our hotel room is pretty standard, there is a dividing wall between the bath area and the sleeping area. I set Anderson up under the sink with the DVD player and had him watch his videos here. I proceeded to nap. (Oh yes, DH is in NJ now) When Parker woke up he found Anderson watching videos and joined him under the sink. It was so sweet, I saw Anderson put his arm around him and started to pet his hair. Is he a dog??? I know we like to just stroke his hair, but maybe he perceives it as like a dog? Anderson keeps asking for one, maybe this is it??? I'm not sure, but it was sweet. So I hid behind the wall and tried to snap some pics of my sweet moment. aaahhh

This morning we hit Disney Hollywood Studios. They have a new ride called "Toy Story Mania". Its a 4D ride, and it is sooo cool! A few nights ago when we were there, there was a 90 minute wait, no thanks! So we headed out there right at rope drop and ran straight over to the Toy Story area. 20minutes! It was worth it! The ride is soo cool. The part you wait in, where you snake around and wait and wait, is really cool too. Its like you have strunk into "toy" size and there are all these classic games all over the place. The ride itself is really fascinating. Let me sound like a nerd for moment, but the technology is unbelievable. You wear 3D glasses and you are shooting at different things like you are at carnival/state fair. And you whiz and turn really fast on a track to different games. And at one point I popped a balloon and water shot at us! It was fun. But, alas, DH beat my score everytime. Oh yes, my fellow Type A-ers. You keep score. Does it count when you beat your 4yr old?

A big turning point today...Parker agreed to getting his picture taken with Mickey, Little Einsteins, and Handy Manny all without screaming at 100 decibels! woohoo! A breakthrough...we have ressies for Chef Mickey's next week, so I'm hoping that it will be okay by then! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Snack - 10am!

I took the boys for a walk this morning so that DH could get some work done, we headed down to Downtown Disney and I was hungry and it was time for a snack. I wanted something "healthy" so we headed to Goofy's Candy Shop for a candy coated apple. Hey, apple is healthy right??? An apple a day!

Here it is, covered in caramel, then dipped in chocolated, m&m's, sprinkles and oreos! delish!

Next, we walked down to the LEGO shop and the boys had fun building legos and racing them. There is a large play area with just LEGOS and then a playground. They were all over it! Parker especially loved racing his little car and then running to the finish line to get it. He kept yelling "GO GO GO GO GO GO GO" So cute!

After nap time we headed over to Epcot to eat dinner at Germany. Yummy buffet of german food and there was entertainment. I couldn't move afterwards. So much brats, krauts, and other things I didn't know, but it as a meat lovers paradise - of which I am!!!!! Anderson loves live music and had a good time watching it. We also got in a few rides of Test Track.

Monday, September 1, 2008

MGM/Disney Hollywood Studios - Star Tours

We headed over to MGM/Disney Hollywood Studios tonight. Anderson has a behavior chart where he has been earning stickers to get a new toy. He wants a new WOODY (from Toy Story) We went to MGM thinking we could find one there at the new Toy Story Mania ride. Before heading over there, we went to Star Tours (Star Wars). This is one of Anderson's top 3 rides! Unfortunately, Parker is too short to ride it. It is simulated ride where you feel like you are in the transporter.

We did rider swap, where one parent stays behind with Parker and the other rides, and then when the ride is over, the other parent (jeff) goes on the ride while the other parent, me, exits with Parker. When it was time to do the excahnge all 4 of us got to ride it all by ourselves. The CM was doing a "test" so they didn't let it shake. how fun!In case you wondering, YES I am wearing a High School Musical t-shirt. When I go to Disney I become some form of a Disney Dork. I wear all things Disney. I even have on Disney crocs. I have a bin at home that has all my Disney wear in it. All our pins for trading are in it and all my t-shirts and everything else that has to do with Disney. And all the things I wouldn't be caught on my body at home. I know, its scary...

In the end, we didn't find the WOODY toy, apparently WOODY is a hot item. They've been out of stock for sometime. So the hunt is on. And we didn't get to ride the new Toy Story Mania ride yet, there was a 90min wait at about 7pm, so we were like, "um, NO thank you".

btw CM = Cast Member. Thats Disney lingo for you! :)


For most you that know me, I HATE SAND! And apparently my child has acquired this from me. Our resort, Beach Club, has this great kiddie area with a sand area, and all the pools are sand bottom (aaahh! i hated it!). This is what Parker does!

Some quick highlights!

Yesterday we had a character breakfast. And since Parker is such a fan, (that is a pic of what he does when he sees a character, just add about 100 decibels to it) it was just Anderson and I. It was great! It was our first character dining experience, mainly b/c Anderson was never a fan of them until we went on a Disney cruise back in February.

We also did Mini Golf a few days ago. The boys loved it! We went to Fantasia Gardens. It was their first time playing minigolf, and Anderson would crack us up! He would have to go and "survey the land" before he would putt. Parker, on the other hand - just call him "happy gilmore"

This morning we went to Magic Kingdom and arrived there at 8am. The park doesn't open til 9am but we have reservations for breakfast so we were able to get in earlier. We got some great photos in front of the castle, with no one else in them. It was almost like we had the park to ourselves.

Our breakfast this morning was another character dining with Pooh and friends. Again, Jeff took Parker and they walked around the park while Anderson and I ate breakfast and hung out with friends. It was great. I liked this one better than the one we did a few days ago at the Beach Club.

The rest of the morning we stayed at Magic Kingdom. I haven't seen it this slow in a very long time. We did not have to wait for anything! We just walked on to every ride! It was crazy....where was everyone? Especially for LABOR DAY! I couldn't believe it. Our kiddies were crabby and tired so we have headed back for some nappy naps. Its well needed. Anderson was getting a bit cranky and crabby. Hey, who can blame him when its 90 degrees out with high humidity.

Here are a few more pics that I haven't posted yet:

in car at 3:30am ready to go to Disney!

In our resort...sharing the same bed, its cute until 3am hits and Parker either ends up in our bed or I end up in the sofa bed with the 2 boys. Thankfully Anderson sleeps like a log!