Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crazy Mom

DH is in NJ today, and he will be at the opening night at the Giants game! What a life! :)

Today I ventured into the Magic Kingdom. Got the kids safely on the bus, while I managed to fold up the giant stroller and get it on the bus and then find my kids and have them sit safely on the bus. We did have to wait about 30min for a bus, so that was fun, trying to keep my kids out of traffic. Of course anytime Parker got out of the stroller I would have to hold him. So, this was my pose all day, Parker on my hip and the other hand on Anderson... oh did I mention its 95 DEGREES OUTSIDE! Fun times.

When we get to Magic Kingdom we make our way over to Frontierland. We do the jungle cruise, magic carpets, and then the Pirate ride. Innocent enough. Anderson really didn't want to, but I convinced him to do it. He's done it before and wasn't scared. Parker is a different story. He was scared. He didn't scream or anything but he was on my lap with his head facing behind me. And then as if we didn't have enough scary in him, we head over to the Haunted Mansion. I will blame the unbearable heat on this one. Anderson knows its pretend so he likes this ride. Parker on the hand.... It all started when they shut the lights off on you on the elevator. Luckily, I reminded him before it happened so Parker survived that. However, the entire ride he was scared.... Again, I blame the swealtering 95 degree heat.

We head over the Fantasy Land and ride "Its a Small World" - to make up for all the scariness I've endured my baby and then Pooh's ride. Both are Parker's fav. After that we head over the ToonTown to take the train back to the main entrance. Before getting on the train, we walk into the "Judges Tent" where there is a large store and you can stand in line for 30 min to see the Princesses. I went into the store and got my Parker a goofy toy. I am a HUGE sucker for plush. And luckily my kids are not interested in them at all. Parker has shown a very small attraction to them, but very small. However, it is small so I will take it. I got him a Goofy toy. (not doll, but toy). He was way into it. he kept hugging it and it sat next to him in the stroller and as I type, it is sleeping on a pillow next to him in the bed. HOW CUTE. In all fairness I did offer to buy Anderson, chip & dale, but he said no. When DH asks about my purchases I will blame the heat! :)

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