Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny thing (or 2) about Parker

Parker's security blanket is called "B". It got its name because we were calling it his 'blanket' but when he first started talked all he could say was "B".

He likes to have all of them, especially when he sleeps. And you can't trick him with new ones or ones that aren't in the usual line-up. I bought new ones 6months ago and he would throw them out of the bed.

What his favorite thing to do when he is tired is to put one on his head. If Parker is in the car, he may put one behind his head, but definitely one on the top. Not sure why, but its a usual occurance.
Another thing that he does that makes us laugh is this:

He makes that face and crosses his arms when he is mad! Its kinda cute.... but it doesn't stop us from disciplining him!

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