Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Internet - Getting the shakes

Since moving over to the "cheap seats" of WDW, aka, the motels on WDW property, I haven't had any "free" internet. I almost started the getting the shakes.... but DH had to get online for some work stuff, so here I am trying to weed through all my emails and upload some pics and sort through and respond through all my facebook messages...phew

We've been busy and thankfully have been fortunate enough to dodge a lot of rain from Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricane Ike. Its been a lot of fun. We had some friends, Chris & Robin meet us here from home and we spent some time with them. We ate dinner and met up with them for evening fireworks.

Today we took the boys to the Main Street Barber Shop at Magic Kingdom. We huffed it over there right at 'rope drop' and got in to be the first people of the day. We have been holding off the boys haircuts so we could do this today. They got their haircuts and then painted. Unfortunately, Parker didn't get his hair painted b/c he would touch it and play with it and it takes a while for it to dry. But it was fun. DH and I got it done too (I only got mine painted) and you get can 'pixie dust' on the top of your hair. Here are some of the great pics I got. It did wash off very very easily. However, I think I will be picking out sparkles and confetti aka pixie dust, out of my hair for weeks. The boys did get Mickey Ears painted on the back of the hair as well.

Our friend, Ryann, is here too with her mom and dad and she went to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique this morning (which is why we waited til today to get our hair done). She got all made up to be like Cinderella. Its the coolest thing! I went over there and watched her during the whole process. It was AWESOME!

We made a huge leap today, Parker actually touched a character. Last week he got to the point where he could stand next time to them, and each time, we would be like "he's a bit shy and we don't like to touch Mickey"...and today, we couldn't get him to stop! No hugs or anything, but he did high fives and kisses. It as so cute. We ate lunch at Chef's Mickey, a character dining, and we saw Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy (his fav), and Donald. It was great!

Too much we have done, but you can get all the pics and updates on my flickr site.

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