Monday, September 1, 2008

Some quick highlights!

Yesterday we had a character breakfast. And since Parker is such a fan, (that is a pic of what he does when he sees a character, just add about 100 decibels to it) it was just Anderson and I. It was great! It was our first character dining experience, mainly b/c Anderson was never a fan of them until we went on a Disney cruise back in February.

We also did Mini Golf a few days ago. The boys loved it! We went to Fantasia Gardens. It was their first time playing minigolf, and Anderson would crack us up! He would have to go and "survey the land" before he would putt. Parker, on the other hand - just call him "happy gilmore"

This morning we went to Magic Kingdom and arrived there at 8am. The park doesn't open til 9am but we have reservations for breakfast so we were able to get in earlier. We got some great photos in front of the castle, with no one else in them. It was almost like we had the park to ourselves.

Our breakfast this morning was another character dining with Pooh and friends. Again, Jeff took Parker and they walked around the park while Anderson and I ate breakfast and hung out with friends. It was great. I liked this one better than the one we did a few days ago at the Beach Club.

The rest of the morning we stayed at Magic Kingdom. I haven't seen it this slow in a very long time. We did not have to wait for anything! We just walked on to every ride! It was crazy....where was everyone? Especially for LABOR DAY! I couldn't believe it. Our kiddies were crabby and tired so we have headed back for some nappy naps. Its well needed. Anderson was getting a bit cranky and crabby. Hey, who can blame him when its 90 degrees out with high humidity.

Here are a few more pics that I haven't posted yet:

in car at 3:30am ready to go to Disney!

In our resort...sharing the same bed, its cute until 3am hits and Parker either ends up in our bed or I end up in the sofa bed with the 2 boys. Thankfully Anderson sleeps like a log!

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