Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sweet Moments

I love seeing the tender moments between my boys. And then of course a split second later they are fighting and hitting each other...ah brotherly love.

Today was a tender moment. During Parker's nap time, I allowed Anderson to watch a video. Our hotel room is pretty standard, there is a dividing wall between the bath area and the sleeping area. I set Anderson up under the sink with the DVD player and had him watch his videos here. I proceeded to nap. (Oh yes, DH is in NJ now) When Parker woke up he found Anderson watching videos and joined him under the sink. It was so sweet, I saw Anderson put his arm around him and started to pet his hair. Is he a dog??? I know we like to just stroke his hair, but maybe he perceives it as like a dog? Anderson keeps asking for one, maybe this is it??? I'm not sure, but it was sweet. So I hid behind the wall and tried to snap some pics of my sweet moment. aaahhh

This morning we hit Disney Hollywood Studios. They have a new ride called "Toy Story Mania". Its a 4D ride, and it is sooo cool! A few nights ago when we were there, there was a 90 minute wait, no thanks! So we headed out there right at rope drop and ran straight over to the Toy Story area. 20minutes! It was worth it! The ride is soo cool. The part you wait in, where you snake around and wait and wait, is really cool too. Its like you have strunk into "toy" size and there are all these classic games all over the place. The ride itself is really fascinating. Let me sound like a nerd for moment, but the technology is unbelievable. You wear 3D glasses and you are shooting at different things like you are at carnival/state fair. And you whiz and turn really fast on a track to different games. And at one point I popped a balloon and water shot at us! It was fun. But, alas, DH beat my score everytime. Oh yes, my fellow Type A-ers. You keep score. Does it count when you beat your 4yr old?

A big turning point today...Parker agreed to getting his picture taken with Mickey, Little Einsteins, and Handy Manny all without screaming at 100 decibels! woohoo! A breakthrough...we have ressies for Chef Mickey's next week, so I'm hoping that it will be okay by then! :)

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Sara said...

Okay, only you would set up the DVD player UNDER the sink (of course, so you could nap)! Crazy Mavis!!