Monday, September 1, 2008

MGM/Disney Hollywood Studios - Star Tours

We headed over to MGM/Disney Hollywood Studios tonight. Anderson has a behavior chart where he has been earning stickers to get a new toy. He wants a new WOODY (from Toy Story) We went to MGM thinking we could find one there at the new Toy Story Mania ride. Before heading over there, we went to Star Tours (Star Wars). This is one of Anderson's top 3 rides! Unfortunately, Parker is too short to ride it. It is simulated ride where you feel like you are in the transporter.

We did rider swap, where one parent stays behind with Parker and the other rides, and then when the ride is over, the other parent (jeff) goes on the ride while the other parent, me, exits with Parker. When it was time to do the excahnge all 4 of us got to ride it all by ourselves. The CM was doing a "test" so they didn't let it shake. how fun!In case you wondering, YES I am wearing a High School Musical t-shirt. When I go to Disney I become some form of a Disney Dork. I wear all things Disney. I even have on Disney crocs. I have a bin at home that has all my Disney wear in it. All our pins for trading are in it and all my t-shirts and everything else that has to do with Disney. And all the things I wouldn't be caught on my body at home. I know, its scary...

In the end, we didn't find the WOODY toy, apparently WOODY is a hot item. They've been out of stock for sometime. So the hunt is on. And we didn't get to ride the new Toy Story Mania ride yet, there was a 90min wait at about 7pm, so we were like, "um, NO thank you".

btw CM = Cast Member. Thats Disney lingo for you! :)

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