Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I "heart" Halloween

That's right folks! I love Halloween. I'm kinda a freak about it! After Christmas, its my fave! I love to decorate for it! Unfortunately, this year, all my things are in the POD, the dang POD! Where everything is, but that's for another blog....

All that being said, my kids have halloween shirts, and they start wearing them in September. This week, they will be wearing a different shirt everyday...Here is from Day 1

Monday, October 27, 2008

State Fair Fun

Who doesn't love the State Fair?

The smell of poop, the nasty germs and disease you can pick up? Rides that cost at least $1 a minute. Ohyes! The State Fair!???

We haven't been in 2 years, so Anderson was very excited to be revisiting the fair. Thank goodness Parker was contained in his stroller, b/c I could just see him, running into the animal stalls and wanting to touch all the animals, especially the ones that would kick or bite back!

It is a must to do the Ferris Wheel, so much fun for $12...Disney is looking cheaper every minute...

My favorite thing to do is eat the deep fried yummies at the fair. Deep fried anything! The boys and I ate popcorn, funnel cake and delish DEEP FRIED CANDY BAR - milky way! A big thanks to Uncle Tim who gave the boys some $$ to purchase some deep fried treats!
Here is a picture of the boys eating the deep fried goodness.

When we left the boys were stuffed with fat and "sticker-fied". They had been stuck by causes and advertisements. My favorite is "I (heart) my DVR". My boys definitely love their DVR!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Its midnight, do you know where your kids are?

They are all in the movie theater with me! Yes, I went and saw High School Musical 3 last night at midnight! My DH bought tickets and we went at midnight! what? oh yes, and I am old. I am a fuddy duddy b/c all I could of think of was: "why are all these kids here by themselves on a school night?"

Oh yes, I was the oldest person in the theater by 10 YEARS! It was really funny to watch the movie and every time Zac Efron came on the girls would scream.

This poor movie has set unrealistic expectations for high school girls. That all boys are like Troy and Chad. They are all romantic and do romantic and creative gestures for their ladies. Poor girls....

Don't get me wrong, I love HSM! And all its music. Maybe it seems cheesier b/c I was in the movie theater and when I am watching it from home, I expect cheese, I'm watching the Disney channel!

Its a good movie. Its rated G and good times. I love the music! I need to head out and get the soundtrack. Of course it wasn't as good as the first one! That is my fave!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Please say a prayer for my dear sweet friend Kristi. She just delivered her sweet precious baby boy, Zane last Friday and was diagnosed today with Stage 4 Cancer of the Liver and Bone. It apparently had started in the breast and has moved to other parts. She is 28 years old and has 2 other boys, 4 & 2. We know that GOD is capable of a miracle. Her family lives here so they are very very helpful with the boys.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a busy weekend. It was the last soccer practice/game. Anderson had a great time. He is kinda glad for it to be over. Don't really think we have a soccer star....

Then we were off to Ella Kate's 1st Birthday party. It was pumpkin/fall themed. The kids had so much fun. The most amazing part was that after Ella Kate opened one of her big presents Anderson asked "Grand-Bo" (her grandpa) if he could help put together the toy. This was a huge shocker! Anderson didn't ask me to "ask him" for him, he didn't ask me to go with him to the other room when they were putting it together, he just did it all by himself. This is very unusual for him. He is normally kinda a shy kid around people he isn't familiar with. GrandBo did say that he would not of been able to put this toy together without him! Poppy (the other grandpa) was there too to put it together. I think they really enjoyed having Anderson help him out.

Here are some cute pics of the boys after church. They were dressed so handsome-ly that I needed to capture it. Parker would not let Anderson stand next to "his tree!" it was funny....

Sunday afternoon a local toy store was having a band called "SANDBOX" do an outdoor concert. Parker and I headed over there (Anderson was at AWANA). He was soooo excited to listen to the band. He kept saying "Band!Band!"... We ate some good treats, ice cream for one, became the dinner at least until we got home and he had some ham and strawberries.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpking Carving Time

Every year there is a group of us that gets together and carve pumpkins at my friend's Adrianne house. We have so much fun. Its nothing crazy, we just either do potluck or order pizza, the kids run wild while the adults carve pumpkins. Its usually me and the other husbands. I LOVE carving pumpkins. This year, Adrianne was able to find some Disney carving stencils and I was able to convince Anderson to pick an easy one. phew! He really wanted this "pirate mickey" design, but if I did that one, I would still be carving!

My friend, Cruz, here did an amazing job on his "Heffalump"

Here are all the finished pumpkins and mine that I carved. Can you tell what it is?

Friday, October 17, 2008


Here are some pics from last night:


I also did get to enjoy tailgating last night. I guess it wasn't the real deal since we didn't cook anything. Here is a picture of Ryann ate tailgating, she is soo cute!Chad, the ALLTEL guy was there with the winners from ALLTEL with one of the grandprize winners where they get to take a private jet to their favorite team game. I'm sure the winner wanted to see FSU (not NCSU).

I have grown up being a huge FSU team and so this was so exciting to me that I got to see them play, and to see Bobby Bowden, well sort of see them. Here he is with that cute girl from ESPN.

My dear friend, Sandy, helped us out by watching the boys at her house. She has 2 little girls, 3 and 1. They had a great time. Her DH, was at the game, so she had 4 all by herself. What a trooper! The boys had a great time and apparently they wouldn't sleep so they were up til about 11:30. This is how we found them! That couch must be so comfy for a little guy to sleep upright. How cute is he!

I guess all the Davises had a great time.

So much to say!

Had a blast night at the NCSU vs FSU game! Of course I was the only one in our group and in the section! (maybe not really, but it felt like it). Actually, there was a dude behind me that was a cheering for them too. And we won! I really did try to root for NCSU but when they scored I just couldn't contain my true Floridian Blood anymore!

I have some great pics, I will try and post later but here are my top5 from last night...

1. FSU won!
2. Fireworks from the State Fair and our seats were perfect
3. Card Stunts (just for ESPN)
4. Saw Cullen Jones (Olympic gold medalist who swam with Michael Phelps - NCSU grad)
5. Chad, the Alltel guy was there to make a special appearance!

i will post more later and my pics i took. need to get moving for the morning!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Day with the Parks

When I got my new Minivan (did I mention how "HOT" I look in it? hee hee) my DH bartered that they pay for my yearly inspection. I just had to get it renewed within 30 days. Well its been 30 days and so Parker and I were off to the HONDA dealership. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my act in gear and plan it out better b/c on Mondays they have free manicures and on Thursday they have free massages! :) But instead Parker and I just hung out in the kids play area with fresh popped popcorn and water. We had a great time.

Next we were off to a local coffee shop where they were having these 2 local women who did clay imprints of your child's hand or feet. Then 8 weeks later, after they have put it in a kiln, it looks all pretty...like this one.
I will confess right now, I'm a bad mom, Anderson didn't get to make one. They were only doing it on this day at this particular coffee shop. Not sure what I will say when Anderson asks one day why there isn't one for him.

Parker is such a funny guy b/c he wouldn't do it at first. He had to watch his buddies do it first before he would touch the clay. HILARIOUS!

p.s. Yes Heather, its all about Parker! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Library Fun

Today was a MOPS day. MOPS is an organization I belong to and am on the leadership team for. One of our speakers shared fun ideas we could with our kids. Someone in my small group shared how they go to the library and check out the MAILBOX magazine. I L-O-V-E the MAILBOX magazine, I used it all the time when I taught school. So I was thrilled to be able to use it again! So after MOPS off to the library we went. I got some great ideas for little crafty crafts to do with boys. I hope I can go through with it and not let the 3'oclock sleepies get to me!

The boys LOVE the library! thankfully the days of being super quiet are not enforced, Anderson has no volume control and of course if Big Brother is loud, than Parker has to be louder!

Parker found some books and decided to just find a comfortable spot on the floor. I wish I was able to get the whole pose in the picture, b/c his legs are crossed. He looked like a little man! :)
Here are the boys showing off one of their books. (yep, they are showing the back...sorry. Anderson's is a story about a garbage man and Parker is holding one of the MAILBOX mags)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blog slacking

Sorry for the dry spell in my blogging, so I thought i would put a plug in that someone is doing for a free giveaway. Tami is giving away a NG China calendar. Wow! Just a leave a comment! Maybe I need to do a giveaway! I'm always up for a contest and free stuff!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Sad Day

Tomorrow, Wed, will be a sad day for my dear, sweet friend Heather. Her father passed away this past Sunday. He had been in the hospital for the past 9 weeks for chemotherapy. His leukemia had come back after being in remission for several years.

There are about 8-10 of us driving out to the funeral. The family is not from her, but about 3 hours away. Please say a prayer for this family as I cannot imagine what tomorrow will hold for her and her family!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!!!! - AGAIN!

e correct that it wasn't My wonderful MIL (mother in law) sent Anderson some $ to take me out to Dunkin Donuts for my birthday. How sweet and creative is that! Here are the boys the day we went to the Double D!Anderson felt so grown up! He brought his wallet and gave the cashier the money to pay, he was so proud!

The other night, DH planned a great Birthday dinner at a local steakhouse. Let me clarify, my dear friend Heather did all of the planning with the help of my other friend Aimee, and DH wrote the check. We got a private room and had great food! My friend Sarah (of mavdavfav platter) made the centerpieces. It was such a great idea. They were clear Christmas ornaments filled with cute fabric squares (that matched the runners, that she made) and inside were printouts of some of my favorite things. She got most of them from my blog and facebook! how cute is that!

It was a fun night, several people commented on the fact that how often do you get 12 couples who are all good friends out on the same night without kids! Wow! I couldn't believe how it all worked out that everyone we invited could make it! Now that is a miracle!

And of course there were fun games that my friends planned. One was "Mavis Triva" which was funny and then "Mavis Charades", where we made the guys act out things that I do or do not like to do! Oh yes, that is a tiara , a birthday tiara that I am wearing! My friend Stephani got me from Gymboree!
I couldn't of asked for a better evening! I have the Best HUSBAND! LOVE YOU!