Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Day with the Parks

When I got my new Minivan (did I mention how "HOT" I look in it? hee hee) my DH bartered that they pay for my yearly inspection. I just had to get it renewed within 30 days. Well its been 30 days and so Parker and I were off to the HONDA dealership. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my act in gear and plan it out better b/c on Mondays they have free manicures and on Thursday they have free massages! :) But instead Parker and I just hung out in the kids play area with fresh popped popcorn and water. We had a great time.

Next we were off to a local coffee shop where they were having these 2 local women who did clay imprints of your child's hand or feet. Then 8 weeks later, after they have put it in a kiln, it looks all this one.
I will confess right now, I'm a bad mom, Anderson didn't get to make one. They were only doing it on this day at this particular coffee shop. Not sure what I will say when Anderson asks one day why there isn't one for him.

Parker is such a funny guy b/c he wouldn't do it at first. He had to watch his buddies do it first before he would touch the clay. HILARIOUS!

p.s. Yes Heather, its all about Parker! :)

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James E. Robinson, III said...

I had to put a K&N filter and sticker on my van to move from COLD to WARM. To get to HOT, i'm thinking ground effects.