Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!!!! - AGAIN!

e correct that it wasn't My wonderful MIL (mother in law) sent Anderson some $ to take me out to Dunkin Donuts for my birthday. How sweet and creative is that! Here are the boys the day we went to the Double D!Anderson felt so grown up! He brought his wallet and gave the cashier the money to pay, he was so proud!

The other night, DH planned a great Birthday dinner at a local steakhouse. Let me clarify, my dear friend Heather did all of the planning with the help of my other friend Aimee, and DH wrote the check. We got a private room and had great food! My friend Sarah (of mavdavfav platter) made the centerpieces. It was such a great idea. They were clear Christmas ornaments filled with cute fabric squares (that matched the runners, that she made) and inside were printouts of some of my favorite things. She got most of them from my blog and facebook! how cute is that!

It was a fun night, several people commented on the fact that how often do you get 12 couples who are all good friends out on the same night without kids! Wow! I couldn't believe how it all worked out that everyone we invited could make it! Now that is a miracle!

And of course there were fun games that my friends planned. One was "Mavis Triva" which was funny and then "Mavis Charades", where we made the guys act out things that I do or do not like to do! Oh yes, that is a tiara , a birthday tiara that I am wearing! My friend Stephani got me from Gymboree!
I couldn't of asked for a better evening! I have the Best HUSBAND! LOVE YOU!

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Anonymous said...

That DOES sound like a fabulous evening! You have such great friends! =)