Friday, October 24, 2008

Its midnight, do you know where your kids are?

They are all in the movie theater with me! Yes, I went and saw High School Musical 3 last night at midnight! My DH bought tickets and we went at midnight! what? oh yes, and I am old. I am a fuddy duddy b/c all I could of think of was: "why are all these kids here by themselves on a school night?"

Oh yes, I was the oldest person in the theater by 10 YEARS! It was really funny to watch the movie and every time Zac Efron came on the girls would scream.

This poor movie has set unrealistic expectations for high school girls. That all boys are like Troy and Chad. They are all romantic and do romantic and creative gestures for their ladies. Poor girls....

Don't get me wrong, I love HSM! And all its music. Maybe it seems cheesier b/c I was in the movie theater and when I am watching it from home, I expect cheese, I'm watching the Disney channel!

Its a good movie. Its rated G and good times. I love the music! I need to head out and get the soundtrack. Of course it wasn't as good as the first one! That is my fave!


Naomi said...

I can't believe you got jeff to go. and that HE bought the midnight tickets! i want to see it too! but there's no way in the world that joe will go with me. i'll have to wait for it to come out on disney channel.

Jenna said...

You are something else, Mavis!! :) I can't believe Jeff went with you either.....he's a keeper! Only a real man can go see HSM at midnight and not take flack for the next 10 years!!! :)

I JUST saw the original on the Disney channel the other night- it was pretty good (I didn't finish it because Scot came home and said there was NO WAY he was watching it). Our pastor is starting a series of sermons called "Life School Musical" next week and he made all of the staff (me and four men all at least 10 years older than me) jump in the air High School Musical style for a picture our graphics artist guy will put under the name. It should be funny.....he's going to preview next week this morning in church with the picture. I'll have to see if I can get a copy! :)