Friday, October 17, 2008

So much to say!

Had a blast night at the NCSU vs FSU game! Of course I was the only one in our group and in the section! (maybe not really, but it felt like it). Actually, there was a dude behind me that was a cheering for them too. And we won! I really did try to root for NCSU but when they scored I just couldn't contain my true Floridian Blood anymore!

I have some great pics, I will try and post later but here are my top5 from last night...

1. FSU won!
2. Fireworks from the State Fair and our seats were perfect
3. Card Stunts (just for ESPN)
4. Saw Cullen Jones (Olympic gold medalist who swam with Michael Phelps - NCSU grad)
5. Chad, the Alltel guy was there to make a special appearance!

i will post more later and my pics i took. need to get moving for the morning!

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