Monday, October 27, 2008

State Fair Fun

Who doesn't love the State Fair?

The smell of poop, the nasty germs and disease you can pick up? Rides that cost at least $1 a minute. Ohyes! The State Fair!???

We haven't been in 2 years, so Anderson was very excited to be revisiting the fair. Thank goodness Parker was contained in his stroller, b/c I could just see him, running into the animal stalls and wanting to touch all the animals, especially the ones that would kick or bite back!

It is a must to do the Ferris Wheel, so much fun for $12...Disney is looking cheaper every minute...

My favorite thing to do is eat the deep fried yummies at the fair. Deep fried anything! The boys and I ate popcorn, funnel cake and delish DEEP FRIED CANDY BAR - milky way! A big thanks to Uncle Tim who gave the boys some $$ to purchase some deep fried treats!
Here is a picture of the boys eating the deep fried goodness.

When we left the boys were stuffed with fat and "sticker-fied". They had been stuck by causes and advertisements. My favorite is "I (heart) my DVR". My boys definitely love their DVR!

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