Friday, October 17, 2008


Here are some pics from last night:


I also did get to enjoy tailgating last night. I guess it wasn't the real deal since we didn't cook anything. Here is a picture of Ryann ate tailgating, she is soo cute!Chad, the ALLTEL guy was there with the winners from ALLTEL with one of the grandprize winners where they get to take a private jet to their favorite team game. I'm sure the winner wanted to see FSU (not NCSU).

I have grown up being a huge FSU team and so this was so exciting to me that I got to see them play, and to see Bobby Bowden, well sort of see them. Here he is with that cute girl from ESPN.

My dear friend, Sandy, helped us out by watching the boys at her house. She has 2 little girls, 3 and 1. They had a great time. Her DH, was at the game, so she had 4 all by herself. What a trooper! The boys had a great time and apparently they wouldn't sleep so they were up til about 11:30. This is how we found them! That couch must be so comfy for a little guy to sleep upright. How cute is he!

I guess all the Davises had a great time.

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