Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a busy weekend. It was the last soccer practice/game. Anderson had a great time. He is kinda glad for it to be over. Don't really think we have a soccer star....

Then we were off to Ella Kate's 1st Birthday party. It was pumpkin/fall themed. The kids had so much fun. The most amazing part was that after Ella Kate opened one of her big presents Anderson asked "Grand-Bo" (her grandpa) if he could help put together the toy. This was a huge shocker! Anderson didn't ask me to "ask him" for him, he didn't ask me to go with him to the other room when they were putting it together, he just did it all by himself. This is very unusual for him. He is normally kinda a shy kid around people he isn't familiar with. GrandBo did say that he would not of been able to put this toy together without him! Poppy (the other grandpa) was there too to put it together. I think they really enjoyed having Anderson help him out.

Here are some cute pics of the boys after church. They were dressed so handsome-ly that I needed to capture it. Parker would not let Anderson stand next to "his tree!" it was funny....

Sunday afternoon a local toy store was having a band called "SANDBOX" do an outdoor concert. Parker and I headed over there (Anderson was at AWANA). He was soooo excited to listen to the band. He kept saying "Band!Band!"... We ate some good treats, ice cream for one, became the dinner at least until we got home and he had some ham and strawberries.

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Jenna said...

OK, Mavis....what's for dinner tonight? A food lover like you must have yummy dinners every night, right?

We are in SUCH a food rut here. I couldn't even muster dinner tonight. We had cereal. Last night was pancakes. My kids are begging you to come up with something yummy for them! haha!

PS- LOVE the picture of the boys asleep on the couch at 11:30! That's classic!!!