Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another crazy day at the Zoo

Well my friends and I decided to head to the zoo again! The last time we tried to do this, it was fun and crazy! This time, there were only 4 mommies and 7 kiddies. We had a great time, except for the fact that my kids decided to be whiny and crying the entire time! It was miserable. I was ready to go home before we walked into the zoo entrance. Parker wanted me to carry him most of the morning, and by lunch time I was done! The trail is almost 5 miles long, so we only made it a third through!

The funniest thing we encountered was this "Grouchy Librarian" (this is what we all nicknamed her). We were looking at the Elk & Bison and the kids were being, well kids. Loud and obnoxious and running a muck. At one point Philip (a friend's boy) was pounding on the sign that told you what animal you were looking at. Okay, he just turned 1, so let's be a little lenient on him. So, G.L said in a very grumpily voice "whose kid is making all that noise, they need to stop!"...what? really? A few minutes later we heard the Elk Trumpet and that was really cool. If you are 4, and you hear the Elk trumpet, what do you do? Of course you mimic! G.L decided to hate that! The elk started moving and the kids were all like "where is it going", G.L said, "Its leaving b/c you kids are making too much noise" - WHAT! Did we suddenly step into the library and I not know it? And then my friend Aimee is talking to her 2 year old about the buffalo, well G.L is walking out of the area and mubbles "Its not a buffalo its a bison, get it right!" Really? I wanted to chase her down and get her picture, b/c she so deserved to be preserved in cyberspace! We were all dying! Its the zoo! It was hard to stop the kids and we really wanted to provoke more than anything. At one point, Olivia was trying to climb on this view finder with Anderson and I thought she was going to push the G.L out of the way, that would of been awesome!

Here are some fun pics of the day. We almost made it halfway around the zoo....

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