Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Home from Afghanistan!

Today our dear friends came over from Seattle. One of their sons, Andy, is in the marines and is based out of NC. He came home today after a 9month tour in Afghanistan. We had the wonderful privilege of getting to go out to the base, and meet him when he got off his plane. In fact, Andy even flew the plane in! It was a small group of them that came home, 7, so it was a much more casual homecoming. There was a table with refreshments and a sign and their were signs that the kids could hold and they let them run around the hanger. And the boys ran all over the runway too.

The boys had great fun looking at all the planes taking off and landing, and they could hardly contain themselves while we waited. One of the funniest things, is that everytime Parker saw a plane he would say: "Daddy, plane?". Poor kid, he thought that DH was going to come off the plane (that would of been funny since they are all military. DH was in MN for the day). With it being a smaller group the boys also had the awesome opportunity to get in the cockpit of the plane and explore for a bit. What a great time they had! And of course my dad snapped a bazillion pics too!

I know that this will be so special. We are so thankful for our dear friend Andy who is serving our country. It is because of him, and others like him that we are able to have the freedom to vote and worship our GOD!


Sandy Toes said...

They are just too cute!!! What a great blog...I love it!!! I love blogging much more than Facebook but talking with people live is fun!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love the hello kitty...she is a favorite around this house:)!! So what have you been up to???

Have a great day!
Sandy toe (D. Koch-Glosson)

Jenna said...

Hey- how'd your kids like the deliberate kids Cd- or did you end up ordering it? I can't recall.