Monday, November 24, 2008

Snow Day!

the boys had so much fun in the snow...well Anderson had fun. Parker HATED IT! He kept saying "Don't like it! Don't like it!" He is definitely my child. I went to Walmart yesterday to gather some snow gear for the boys and spent $50, on SNOW BOOTS, MITTENS, AND BIBS!!! $50!!! Crazy! I am hoping we get a deluge of snow at home this winter so I get my money worth out of the gear. who knew how expensive this stuff is!

However, after i saw the excitement on Anderson's face when we was playing in it, did help soften the blow of the $$$ paid on those snow boots! :) All last winter the poor kid would pray every night for snow. We just don't get snow in the winter....sometimes we may get some, but most winters, we just don't get it. So we are here in MI for Thanksgiving, and Anderson just can't get enough of it.

there was an inch that accumulated on the back deck of my BIL's house, so Anderson was all in it today! so cute!

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