Saturday, November 15, 2008


We are one step, one signature away from owning a new home! Its back to our original house we "almost" had back in August! We were supposed to get it, than backed out (too much stuff to fix). The next buyer was all set to close and then lost all her down payment to the stock market (that fateful 800 point day). We were the next phone call they made and so we put in a new bid/offer. $70k less than our original one. That was oh maybe 1.5months ago? It is now a week away from going to auction on the courthouse steps for foreclosure.

We finally heard back today at 4pm. crazy! And b/c of new rules our bank gave us the deadline of TODAY to close, in order for us to lock in our rate from a few months ago. So my DH was on the phone for the rest of the hour and got all the paperwork needed and got all that they needed. We are paying a little extra to meet the appraiser dude out at the house tomorrow and we think we are closing on MONDAY! That's right folks, MONDAY! as in 72 hours from now!

I'm still holding my breath and waiting to be excited about it, until I sign my name on the dotted line. There is still room for the whole thing to blow up in our face!

Will keep you posted! If this all goes through the economy will tank even worse, folks...I'm not allowed to go, even step foot into the mall while I am paying 2 mortgages. I might have to unplug my internet to avoid the temptation of internet shopping...well, let's not be too hasty...


Jenna said...

I know I'm not supposed to be envious, but.....OH, I AM!!! :) That house is just GORGEOUS!!!!! (And it sounds like a SWEET deal!)

I'm SO excited for you! I hope it all works out! I'll be praying. When you get it (see, that's me being all optimistic), you HAVE to post TONS of pictures so I can really work myself up to being BRIGHT GREEN with envy! :)

Jennifer said...

Love the kitchen... built in fridge? NICE!