Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Update

The boys really got into the whole Santa thing this year. We made cookies for Santa and even threw out reindeer food (aka breadcrumbs). Christmas morning, Anderson runs outside and sees sled tracks. Not sure where he saw them, but he convinced himself that they were sled tracks! He thought very hard and long about where the correct place was to put the cookies we made for Santa. At first he wanted to leave them on the front porch, since we don't have a "real" chimney (gas logs) and that way Santa could smell the cookies, and then there was the roof idea, but that didn't work well b/c well, my pretty plate would of broken. So we settled on a small table next to the sofa.

Santa ate his cookies, but left 1/2 a cookie on the plate. Anderson didn't want to eat any b/c he didn't want any Santa germs from his beard! hilarious!

Of course the boys made out like bandits...mostly from family and friends. We decided when Anderson was first born that there was no need for us to over indulge our children on Christmas, everyone else did it for us!