Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa in Demand!

Well this is the 2nd day we have struck out to see Santa at the mall. Last night DH had the kids out shopping (fun presents for mommy), waited in line for 25min and then was rejected. "union" Santa had to be off the clock by 9pm. The part of the story he might not tell you is that at the beginning of the que that had a sign that said that, sorry no more people. He had the boys go under the rope, stand in line for 25min and be rejected. Good thing they didn't cry or take it hard.

Tonight, we headed back to mall. We decided to eat dinner (courtesy of the food court) and while we ate, DH stood in line. About an hour later, he had moved 4 spots up. What! And there were about 70 more families to go! That is ridiculous. So we bailed on Santa. I have high hopes for one more try tomorrow. Santa arrives at 10am. Not sure what time I will make it out the door.....

Maybe we will spot Santa tomorrow.

p.s. this is the first year I have ever taken my kids to get their pics with Santa. Now I know I need to do it earlier.