Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Anderson's party went off and running at full speed!

Here is a picture of his soccer ball cake I made. Of course it had to be blue! Its his favorite color!

The newest thing with Parker is that he likes to get out of bed after we put him in it. We have tried to threaten him with various punishments, but nothing is working. Lately, we have found him asleep on the floor right inside the doorway. One night, I did find him laying on the floor in the hall!

Some have been asking when we are moving....well I haven't even packed a single box! Today I went looking for carpet. I was soooo overwhelmed I decided not to care. Do I really care whether the padding is a 6 pd or 8 pd or a certain width? NO!!! I don't care! All I care is the final number! Its sooo boring. What blew me away is how much it costs to have new carpet. And I am only wanting to carpet 2 bedrooms and the playroom/bonus room!!!!

Ugh...the agony of moving!