Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Random Things About Me (you may or may not have wanted to know!)

I was "tagged" in facebook the other day to make a list of 25 Random Things About Me. I was trapped in my house for the 2nd day in a row, I was bored so here is my list!

1. I am ASIAN AMERICAN (is that random?)

2. I have "toothbrushing phobia" - where I don't like to watch people brush their teeth - it makes me gag and when talking and brushing of the teeth are involved, it pushes me over the edge. You might as well shove your finger down my throat! ugh....

3. If I were ever stranded on a desert island I could survive on mac and cheese and hot dogs! I love it!

4. I love to cook and I feel like it could be my spiritual gift - and being so, I joke around that is why my friends don't invite me over to dinner. They say its true and I tell them i will eat pizza! But alas, its been awhile since I've been a dinner guest.

5. One of the top things on my "bucket list" is to shoot a deer. I don't want to gut it or anything, just pull the trigger and then go home. But I also do not want to sit in a tree stand for hours and BE SILENT! WHAT! So I don't think it will be happen.

6. Is wondering if any of the men I tagged in this note will do it?

7. I'm allergic to vacuuming - really my Allergy Doctor told me (and I quote). "Mavis you have no business vacuuming!"

8. My husband was my brother's college roomie - and yes I stalked him for 6 years, before he got a clue he was supposed to marry me.

9. I am a techie nerd - pretty stereotypical of asians - when a new techie gadget is out I WANT IT!!! Thankfully my hubby is the same way. I have a blog, flickr, facebook, and way too many gadgety things.

10. I wish I had more time to scrapbook and sew. I pick up too many hobbies and feel the need to go all into it. Thus why my attic and closets are filled with cross stitch, sewing, scrapbooking, stamping, yarn, tennis raquet and so many other random things that I don't do anymore!

11. I went to Disney 7x from Sept 07-Sept 08 - spent 9 weeks total at WDW...

12. I grew up in S. Florida and HATE the sand!

13. I watch "Hannah Montana" & "Suite Life of Zach & Cody" everynite (11pm and 11:30pm). I saw all 3 High School Musicals and went to opening night at the movie theaters for the 3rd one! I look like I am 13, therefore I watch all those shows!

14. Along the lines of 13 - I saw all Harry Potter movies on opening night and have read all the books and pre- ordered all the books so that it would arrive on my doorsteps the same day it was released at Barnes!

15. I am a closet "tree hugger" - guess not so closety anymore.

16. I am a member of the American Rose Society - I have 36 roses (Used to have over 60, but had to get rid of some....) (also a member of the Raleigh Rose Society where I was secretary for 2 years)

17. Wastes too much time on FB - this post being exhibit A

18. My closest friends, (and family members) call me DB - DeadBeat.

19. I went without giving Anderson a bath for 2 years. No he was not smelly, I just never did it. If Jeff was out of town, my dad did it. That is why I'm #18

20. I HATE meeting new people. Probably b/c I am always thinking that people don't like me! I know, its weird, but I greatly dislike going places where I don't know anyone - SERIOUS STRESS AND ANXIETY! Thus probably why I don't like being in front of people - no public speaking for me.

21. I still believe in Santa

22. I live to eat (where most eat to live)

23. I told GOD I would never go anywhere North of NC for college - and GOD said 'HAHAHAHAHAHA' I ended up in the Adirondacks of NY and the armpit of America (Ohio)


25. Yes, there were children neglected while I posted - unlike Jude - that is why I am #18


(b/c I just thought of a few extra ones!)

26. I ramble and have a hard time "breaking" - that is what Jeff calls it - breaking from the conversations - thus why I am on my random Things #26 and counting

27. I HATE PEOPLE who have bad cell phone manners - talking to checkout people (retail locations, grocery stores, drive thrus etc...) while they are on the phone! RUDENESS!!!!! Seriously, is any conversation that important!

28. I don't use public restrooms unless in extreme emergencies and pregnant.

29. I DON'T CAMP! mainly b/c of #28


Sandy Toes said... would hate me..I talk on my phone all the time HOWEVER if someone is behind me or waiting I usually get off. I can check out fast and me!

Allergic to vacuuming...wish I was!
-sandy toe

Mom Mavis said...

Oh sandy toe! Talking in the checkout isn't rude for the people in line, it's about the person working behind the counter. I'm sure I feel this way b/c I worked at Pottery Barn for 5 years!

christine said...

i guess gabe is db, jr. josh is coming up on six months and he hasn't given him a bath (or clipped his nails) yet. he probably changes two diapers per week, usually just pee-pee ones.

i'm with you on camping. don't know why our friends ask us every year. the answer is always the same.