Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow Day - Day #2

Another day of snow and no school and another jammie day!

Anderson had a bit too much snowy-ness so he has a sore/raspy voice . He was more than happy to stay in his jammies and watch TV all day. Special treat, I pulled out the sofa bed for him and (I know this admission will put me in the "bad mom's club", but I don't think the TV was turned off all day! - except to eat lunch).

So to go with the snow day and to have an excuse to eat cookies, I made a batch of Molasses Spice Cookies. YumO! I even went all out and drizzled some frosting on good! I think tomorrow we need to resume to normal.

My parents are leaving tomorrow for Thailand for 3 weeks. So we are dog sitting for them. We will miss them!

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Sara said...

See, no mention of poor Parker in either Snow Day post!!