Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day - NC style!

We had about 6 inches fall today, a 12 hr snowfall. That means serious stuff here in NC. Businesses are closed, schools are closed, its crazy! Anderson had so much fun today in the snow! He came running into our room at about 7am and was screaming "I know I'm early (he isn't allowed to leave his room til 8am) but there is snow!

A few hours later, after a hearty breakfast, he was bundled up and out there. Thankfully, I had bought snow pants, snow mittens and boots for him back in MI during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Tonight DH took him sledding on the 10th hole in our neighborhood's golf course. Anderson came home with a war wound. Apparently there was a large dip and he went sailing up pretty high. But he wants to go back again!


jenny c said...

So cute! ...but where's Parker? :)

Jenna said...

Hey- is that the house you are trying to sell? I'LL BUY IT!!!! It's adorable!!!!!

Mom Mavis said...

Yes, that is my house Jenna, I would love for you to buy it!!! No one else wants to.