Sunday, January 11, 2009

What happened to me?

Just a few years ago, my friend Aimee, and I would get together and watch the award shows. We would plan it out, write it down on our calendars, get together at a house and watch the preshow and the actual award show itself. Yes, I am talking about the hollywood award shows!

And NOW...we don't even realize its on! Tonight, I didn't even know the Golden Globes were on, until I turned the TV on! What happened to those nights? Sometimes, I miss them...

So now, I just look at all the pics online the next day and chat with Aimee about it via email.

Oh I watch this, I feel really old and out of it, b/c I don't know 2/3 of the movies that are nominated. Could it be b/c movies cost almost $10????

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Sandy Toes said...

I think most of these movies aren't even seen by most!
-sandy toe