Saturday, February 21, 2009

A busy day! phew....

It started off with unpacking of more boxes. Did I tell you that we moved into our new home, nope didn't sell our "vacation home" yet, (not really our vacation home, just the home we moved out of and still own)but the boys and I spent the night last week for the first time. Then the tragedy struck (see last post) so that is probably why you didn't hear that I moved in! :)

After some unpacking, we headed to church. This week is the Missions week and there was a Missions Organization, JAARS, offering helicopter rides. The boys were ecstatic! I think Jeff was the most excited. I had a meeting to attend to, so the 3 of them stood in line, waited their turn and off they went!

After that, we went to a basketball game at NCSU. The boys had a great time. It was their first college athletic event. Thanks to Uncle Tim and Aunt Heather, they were ready and sporting the appropriate clothing. Parker was beside himself when we sat down. Thanks to a dear family who weren't able to use their tickets, they were gracious enough and let us use them! Thanks! :)

Tonight was one of my closest and dearest friends, Julie's birthday. We all went out to eat to this great restaurant. One of the appetizers had a bowl with a BETA fish in it. Well, soon a dare was brought up and money started flying everywhere! DH threw down $40 and then 2 other guys threw down $20s. So it was up to $80! They were daring Julie to eat/swallow the fish! AND SHE DID IT!!!! We were causing such a ruckus that the manager had to come over and ask us to be quiet. The beauty of it is that the manager then started to give Julie tips on how to get it to go down smoothly! :) The kicker - Her husband was charged $10 for the fish! :)

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ctorlone said...

Okay...the fish thing is just ewwww gross...yuck...i can't even think about too long or I get all "yucky" inside...but, what a memory for sure!!!