Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mom of the Year Moment

I had a one of those stellar Hall of Fame "Mom Moments" today. For all of you with a weak stomach, you may not want to read anymore, it gets graphic! :)

Parker has had the diarrhea blows for about 24 hours. Being the great mom I didn't think it was an illness, just some bad grub, but after changing 4 diapers within a few hours, you would think I would get the hint. But no! He had pizza last night for dinner. I learned my lesson today...

This morning the boys were doing really well, they both ate a hearty breakfast of KIX cereal, we got dressed and we were on our way. I stocked my car up with diapers and wipes, just in case. Didn't really think to pack any extra clothes, b/c why would I? Really? Parker loves to throw up "for fun" (really when he doesn't get his way) so why would I pack extra clothes, b/c I should of learned by now (lots of new clothes that way). As I was checking out of Babies R Us I smelled something foul! Oh yes, it was Parker, he left something in his pants for me. I had a cart full and decided to load up the car and change him in the back of the van. Poor Parker... As I was taking his pants off I realized it was much worse! To spare all of you, lets just say it was up to his neck... I used up about 100 wipes, and had this giant pile in the car. I think my poor child flashed everyone that drove by, I had to stand him up naked so that I could get him clean...ugh...
I had parked right in front of an Old Navy, so after I had him cleaned up I buckled the kids up, ran inside the door of the Old Navy, looking for a plastic bag (b/c of course why would I carry any of these in my car!)... No one was available to help, so I just reached behind the counter and grabbed one and ran out the door... I hate being rude. All I knew is that I was not riding back in the car for 40minutes with that RAUNCH of a smell....

I dared not drop the bomb of "stolen" Old Navy bag in front of the store, so we drove down the strip mall and I had Anderson deposit the nastiness a few shops down...awful!

So here is a pic of Poor Parker with only a diaper on.

All that to say, we are quarantined for the week, with the nasty poop thing. He is on a B.R.A.T diet and no I am not referring to my child! B - Bananas, R-Rice, A -Apples, T-Toast and lots of yogurt. One of my dear sweet friends, Aimee, is a peds nurse so she is my Nurse on Call! She's the best! No complaints from Parker at dinner, he got to eat a bagel, banana, and saltines for dinner, he was in heaven! And no one was shoving milk down him...

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Friday, March 13, 2009


Our new home has some serious issues in the landscaping department. Our former neighbor and friend, owns a landscaping company and he will be coming by sometime in the near future to do the actual work.

Last weekend we had beautiful weather, and DH got stir crazy and decided to do some yard work. Over the course of the weekend, he managed to pull out almost every last shrub and small tree! The big picture plan is to start all over! I can't wait.

Here is a picture of our curb the other day on yard waste pickup day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bird Watching

Our new house has given us a new hobby...Bird Watching! There are tons of birds in our yard, and up until a few days ago - no squirrels had been sighted. Yesterday I counted over a dozen robins in our backyard. We put up 2 bird feeders and have a suet feeder hanging on a tree right outside the breakfast window. Its been a lot of fun seeing all the beautiful birds we get. I see a new one every day. Our friend Dave (he has his own bird watching blog - check it out!), was kind enough to share with me his suet recipe and the boys and I made it the other day. We have attracted a lot of birds. I haven't been able to capture them on film yet, maybe one day! Dave gets the birds to eat out of his hands...that's my goal!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in March? In NC?

Poor MIL and FIL come here from Michigan to escape the snow and what happened last night? We got snow. They got a hoot that schools were shut down and the morning tv shows were replaced by the local news talking with the DOT and the salt truck drivers. Can you believe they can talk for 3 hours on snow? and only 1 inch of it?

Well Anderson was so excited to head out there. After watching Anderson for some time and giggling everytime MIL would throw snowballs at the window, he decided he wanted to go too. So we ran around trying to find the mittens and stuff (I returned the snow pants and mittens last Thanksgiving when he didn't like it). He had so much fun!

Thankfully, we went to the beach for the day last Friday with MIL & FIL so they could put their toes in the sand (ugh). I personally hate the sand! I hate how after you leave the beach, the sand stays with you! In the car, in the shoes and somehow it makes its way back to inside of the house! NO THANKS! But they are from the north and love it! Parker hates it too, so we hang. It was great weather at the beach and we got to eat some yummy seafood. We hit the aquarium too, the boys had a great time!