Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in March? In NC?

Poor MIL and FIL come here from Michigan to escape the snow and what happened last night? We got snow. They got a hoot that schools were shut down and the morning tv shows were replaced by the local news talking with the DOT and the salt truck drivers. Can you believe they can talk for 3 hours on snow? and only 1 inch of it?

Well Anderson was so excited to head out there. After watching Anderson for some time and giggling everytime MIL would throw snowballs at the window, he decided he wanted to go too. So we ran around trying to find the mittens and stuff (I returned the snow pants and mittens last Thanksgiving when he didn't like it). He had so much fun!

Thankfully, we went to the beach for the day last Friday with MIL & FIL so they could put their toes in the sand (ugh). I personally hate the sand! I hate how after you leave the beach, the sand stays with you! In the car, in the shoes and somehow it makes its way back to inside of the house! NO THANKS! But they are from the north and love it! Parker hates it too, so we hang. It was great weather at the beach and we got to eat some yummy seafood. We hit the aquarium too, the boys had a great time!

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Jenna said...

Can we switch homes? :)

you hate sand? Try being neck deep in snow! UGH.