Saturday, April 18, 2009

Annual Yard Sale

Each year, our Sunday School class has an annual yard sale. Everyone drops off items to be donated and we sell it. We host it and its a HUGE EVENT! My garage was so full and the driveway was packed out with tables and STUFF!!!! At 6am, we had our first "drove" of customers. These 2 ladies came with a pickup truck and trailer - serious!

I have a lot of help from members in our class and its my favorite event that I organize!!! I have no emotional attachment to any of the "stuff" so I sell it. The goal is to get it off my driveway!

We love to find stuff in the piles and wear them. This is my friend and I wearing random scarves we found and this great parrot sweater.

We brought in almost $900! What a great day...I'm wiped and headed to bed

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