Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dinner and a Show

We had a special night with Anderson. DH was able to score some theatre tickets to see "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" via craigslist. We first took him to a restaurant downtown. It was a pretty fancy place - Yes, we were brave...there is no children's menu, no crayons, no kids cups. The gentleman on the phone (when I called to make reservations) told me that they don't have 5 year olds eat there on a regular basis. Well, we still went out. Anderson got all dressed up, tie and all. He was sooo proud of his tie. He did not want to wear a vest, b/c he said it would cover up his tie. How precious is that!!!

Dinner was successful. No spillage of the drinking water, a few bubbles with the straw but he did great. Everyone at the restaurant was so great with him. Thankfully, he was well behaved too! He ate the appeitzer of calamari, I didn't tell him what it was - just that it was like shrimp. I ordered a dish with tortelline and veggies and shared it with him. He ate some of DH's seafood from his seafood paella. And then the big winner was dessert! It was also the bribery of the meal. He had a huge piece of chocolate cake.

After dinner, DH and Anderson caught a shuttle (bus) to the theatre while I went to park the car across from the theatre. Upon arrival of the theatre he was so excited to get a booster seat, and way into the orchestra pit! When he got back to his seat he said, "Mom, I saw a tuba! Parker would of liked that!" How precious!

He was excellently behaved during the entire show. At intermission, he was ready to go home. The show didn't start til 8pm, so it was late already. After we convinced him it wasn't much longer, he was ready. Come to find out, he was afraid of the pirates that were coming up and discovered they weren't that scary.

On the way home, he was comparing how the stage production was different from the movie (we had been watching the movie for the past 2 weeks). What a smart kid!

I'm so proud of my little theatre buff...

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