Friday, April 24, 2009


My kids are funny. They L-O-V-E this juice! Anderson calls it "Green Juice". I think its gross. You pour it and its more gross! Its a thick dark green goop. But they love it. I do try and dilute a little bit with some water, b/c their dentist informed me it was turning their teeth brown. So, now we only buy it for "special treats"

What is in "green juice" - let me tell you...

Apple juice
Mango puree
Pineapple juice
Banana puree
Kiwi puree
Spirulina (??? some kind of dietary supplement)
Barley grass
Wheat grass
Ginger root
Blue green algae
Odorless garlic (interesting)

Bolthouse Farms makes a "green juice" too that I used to buy at Costco. I haven't seen it at Costco in while, so now I buy it at Trader Joes

Green Juice anyone???

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Jenna said...

Um, no thanks! YUCK! I can't believe your kids drink that! :)