Friday, April 24, 2009

I love Co-Op produce!

I joined a Produce Co-Op with a group from church. The concept is simple, a large group of women get together each week and put an order in. There are small groups within the large group. Each small group (3 or 4) take turns shopping/compiling/sorting every 10 days. You are not guaranteed that you will get everything you ask for (there is a master list we use). When you do request items you are getting a minimum of 1/8th of box. But you don't have to place an order every week.

I was up at 5am...that's right folks, I said A.M!!! But that's the best time to go, you get better service and there isn't hardly anyone there. The woman started our group is already a part of another produce group and she is helping us get started. I went to get trained to shop. It was awesome!! I wanted to buy everything there!

Here are pictures of what I got

Apples - $2.25 for 15
Mangoes - $2.29 for 7
Pineapple - $1.56 for 1
Red Potatoes - $1.60 for 5 pounds
Kiwi - $2.75 for 13

The beauty for when its your turn to shop you see stuff that wasn't on the list or not enough people wanted it to buy a box, and can decide last minute you want it. So there was a box of red ORGANIC pears, corn (!), cauliflower, and bagged broccoli I got.

So I got the following for $7

18 Red ORGANIC pears
8 ears of corn
1 head of cauliflower
1 bunch of cilantro
1 bag of broccoli

I'M SOOOO EXCITED FOR THIS! Now to eat some fruit for a snack. My group of 3 will be shopping in 10 days. It will be our first shop. Today was a day of training! My job will be back at my house, and I will be compiling and getting ready for the ladies to return from the shop.


Vimal and Tabatha Patel said...

OHhh, it looks so fun! I wasn't able to make it to the training, but REALLY want to be in the co-op. I'm hoping they'll let me in!!!

Anonymous said...

that's so cool, mav! and the prices are amazing!! i'm just excited that a farmer's market just opened around the corner from me w/in walking distance. maybe someday i can get into a co-op!!