Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just call me Martha!

For some reason I felt compelled to bake like crazy today. At 8am I started to make a batch of "pumpkin apple struesel muffins". The boys loved them! I gave half the batch to the landscape workers outside, I think they really liked them too - there weren't any left! After the muffins came out of the oven, I put in a loaf of banana bread. I had about 5 rotten/ripe bananas staring at me, and I found a recipe that didn't involve me hauling out my kitchen aid (I know, most people love recipes that involve the kitchen aid, but I would rather mix with the spoon). I'm bringing this loaf to school tomorrow, to share with the awesome ladies in the office, they put up with a lot of my craziness. And then tonight at 9:30pm, I popped a pumpkin pie in the oven. That's right, a homemade (crust is from Trader Joes) pie! Anderson has been begging, begging me for a pumpkin pie for soooo long! I guess the picture on the can of pumpkin from the muffins got his brain moving. So tonight, I proceeded to bake the pie.

Also, I made it to the gym today. First time since March 4th, (when we had the puking incident with Parker - didn't get his way and that's what he does!) Does it count if I eat a Tastykake (similar to a hostess cake) on the way? Because, seriously, the 25 minutes I was on the elliptical I am positive that I didn't burn the calories of 1/2 of my Tastykake! Oh well, I did bake muffins, bread and a pie today! And thankfully, most of what I baked was or is being given away!

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Gibbotka said...

Martha Mavis,
I'll take any baked good overnighted...STAT! :)