Sunday, May 31, 2009

Too Cute to NOT post!!!

So after my 2 posts on puking, I thought I would post some cute pictures of the boys...

These are pics of the boys with some friends after church. I thought it would be cute b/c Anderson and Caroline have matching seersucker outfits! He wanted nothing to do with this - can you tell?

Parker couldn't be left out, and he was literally "tackle-ing" Caroline!

For Memorial Day we had some friends over. Ellen and I had gone shopping a few nights before and we got the boys matching shirts. I know, we are nerds, but its cute to dress them alike when you can! they'll hate us for it ...

Friday, May 29, 2009


Went to Target today...Need I say more?

There was no lunch involved, no food. I grabbed him and got the heck out of dodge! It wasn't as bad, but I was afraid the flood gates would open up soon!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A most definite blogable moment

Let me preface to the blog universe that I HATE/DESPISE/SQUEAMISH to vomit....

This morning I decided to run to TARGET. I stopped off at ChikFilA in hopes that it would distract Parker while I tried to concentrate and shop. It worked until the moment we walked in the store he decided to blow bubbles into his chocolate milk. (sorry honey, I know you said NO more chocolate milk, but I thought it would be a good distraction).... Chocolate milk ALL OVER his white shirt and cute plaid shorts. Ugh! Never fear, I used the napkins in his kiddie meal bag and cleaned up what spilled over him. At this point Parker is sitting in the big part of the cart - you know the place where they tell you not to put your kid? I figure that he is eating his lunch and it would be easier for him to spread out and eat. Plus, I wasn't planning to buy much stuff (famous last words?).

We are doing pretty good at this point, I manage to pick up the things I wanted. As we are strolling through the paper products aisle, I hear a faint cough and choke. No biggie, Parker eats fast and sometimes chokes up. I have been checking his mouth the entire time, making him show me his mouth that its empty before he can have another bite. He has eaten his fruit cup, a handful of fries and 2 nuggets and 1/2 a jug of chocolate milk. HOLY CRAP! He didn't stop and usually by now, he is over the sink (at home) and spewing it all in. Well, we are in TARGET!!!! I get him to "choke" into the bag and it doesn't stop! CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!! At this point, I am scooping it off of his leg, trying to keep it from leaking through the cracks of the cart! GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!! Yes, scooping it WITH MY HANDS!!!!!

Oh by now, the entire contents of his stomach are on his clothes, all over the cart, and on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found this cute comforter/quilt/blanket thing for him and had placed it on the bottom part of the cart - well thank goodness for that!~ It caught most of it. Remember, I have used all the napkins in his meal bag to wipe up the chocolate bubbles...

Praise the Lord, there was a TARGET employee in the next aisle. What a unsuspecting man...he was kind enough to help me clean up Parker's mess. He got a trash bag, put on some rubber gloves and he helped me deposit the comforter and "damaged" it out. phew! While he was getting cleaning supplies, I had to grab a package of wipes, tear into them and wipe up the floor and Parker. ugh! This life saver TARGET employee goes to get me a new cart and we load up. I asked him if he had kids and he said he did, but they were now teenagers - I asked him "doesn't this bring back great memories?" My son is by now only in a diaper and I pop him in the FRONT part of the cart and head out to the front. No worries, honey - I still was able to make my purchases! :)

I'm not sure if its a good thing or not, but it doesn't phase him one bit after he "chokes". He doesn't miss a beat. This happens to him at least once a week....

Did I mention how much I HATE VOMIT!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Air Show

DH took the boys to an air show out on the coast. It was about a 3 hour drive (one way). What a brave man! I was hosting a baby shower, so he left Sat morning and came home around 8pm. I seriously think that DH had a better time than the boys did.

It was really loud! If you ask Parker, he'll say "went to airplane show, but it was sooo loud!"

This is DH's favorite picture! :) Can you tell Anderson has to pee!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strawberry Picking

Last year I tried to go picking - Parker screamed in terror b/c there was sand in his shoe (he wasn't talking yet, but I figured it out later on) and Anderson had to go pee in the back 40, thanks to my friend who took him back there to pee. I held Parker the entire time (10min).

this year, Anderson asked me to go on a day when he was in school. He had no interest whatsoever in picking strawberries. I dragged my parents with me for the fun. The first berry patch we went to was closed, b/c I guess it was picked over. So we drove on and went to another one. It was pretty picked over, but we managed to leave with a bucket full. Parker wasn't too keen on it, the sand of course. However, I was better prepared and put him in his sneakers (aka running shoes) so the sand couldn't get on his feet. He hesitated at first and wouldn't cross over into the rows, but after I picked him up and brought him over the little hill of sand, he was fine. I was suprised he didn't eat any off the vine! That kid is a "fruitarian".

We had a good time!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Produce and Strawberry Camp

My morning started at 5:30am! It was Produce Co-Op time again. This time, I did my job, which the title is "compiler" and you are the math/spreadsheet/receipt handler. When the shoppers are on their way back to my house, they call in how much they got of everything and I begin to divide it up amongst all the people in our large group. When they return I finish up and the madness begins. Thankfully, I have THE BEST DH in the whole wide world! He enjoys spreadsheets and math and can do them so fast in his head. So he was a HUGE help! At 9:45am we finished up, said goodbye to my helpers/shoppers and hopped in the car.

I was off to do some "jammin". Today was Strawberry Camp at my friend Aimee's house. We made strawberry jam from 10am (Aimee and our other friend, Ellen were at work at 9:30) and we did jam and more jam until 5:00ish. At the end of the day, we made over 130jars of jam! My DH will eat it by the spoonfuls... I brought home about 40 jars. Some will be made into gifts and the rest will be consumed by DH and the boys.

We did have a slight catastrophe....After putting about 50 jars of jam on top of the table, we lifted the towel that all the jars were on, and noticed that ALL OF THE HOT (VERY HOT) JARS HAD LEFT WHITE RINGS!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My dear Aimee's nice Ethan Allen table! Oh no! What were we going to do? We had protected the table with a large beach towel, clearly that had not been enough! We quickly "googled" the term and found a way to remove them. You place a lint free towel on top of the rings and then iron the towel/napkin with a med iron The white rings came off, but if you look just right you can still see them! What a catastrophe! But sweet Aimee's DH was so kind about it. He deserves the husband of the day award! :)

A HEARTY THANKS to all the grandmas who watched all our kids today so we could attend strawberry camp!

I'm off to bed, I can still hear the boys chattering and laughing (its 10pm) and I'm wiped. I have been up since 5:30am and going strong. After strawberry camp, I had to go and help out with kid's choir at church. Aimee, Ellen and I are all there - what were we thinking? We were of no help. I was kind of like a zombie.....

Good night!