Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Strawberry Picking

Last year I tried to go picking - Parker screamed in terror b/c there was sand in his shoe (he wasn't talking yet, but I figured it out later on) and Anderson had to go pee in the back 40, thanks to my friend who took him back there to pee. I held Parker the entire time (10min).

this year, Anderson asked me to go on a day when he was in school. He had no interest whatsoever in picking strawberries. I dragged my parents with me for the fun. The first berry patch we went to was closed, b/c I guess it was picked over. So we drove on and went to another one. It was pretty picked over, but we managed to leave with a bucket full. Parker wasn't too keen on it, the sand of course. However, I was better prepared and put him in his sneakers (aka running shoes) so the sand couldn't get on his feet. He hesitated at first and wouldn't cross over into the rows, but after I picked him up and brought him over the little hill of sand, he was fine. I was suprised he didn't eat any off the vine! That kid is a "fruitarian".

We had a good time!

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