Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Potty Talk (Thanks Dr. Phil)

My brother gave me this great idea - he did it for Samantha and she was potty trained in a day (or so), so I'm trying it on Parker.

The idea came from Dr. Phil - seriously, the guy does have some good ideas.

The idea is to have your child's favorite doll/animal go pee pee on the potty. And then you have a party for it. So we had a "pee pee party" for Mickey Mouse. (of course we would do it w/Mickey!!).

First, we put underwear on Mickey, then we gave Mickey some pee pee juice. Jonathan took a ziploc bag, filled it with water and Mickey "pee pee'd" on the potty. After that, Mickey got a party. And all the while we are all going CRAZY for Mickey. Giving Mickey a high five and going nuts for Mickey that he pee'd on the potty! So we all sat around the table and Mickey got a cupcake and no one else did. And boy did Parker get mad! He wanted the cupcake, but we told him he had to go on the potty. He turned around, went into the bathroom and stripped to go pee. I wish I could tell you all that he did it, but sorry, he did not. But, he did get the idea. The rest of the evening was spent talking about how Mickey got a party and that he could get a pee pee party if he goes on the potty tomorrow. Seriously, I don't think I could of done it with such pomp and circumstance as Jonathan and Rach. They were way into it. Parker LOVES my brother, so I really wanted him to do the whole party thing for Parker.

I have my arsenals ready for tomorrow. I am spending the next 2-3 days in my house, doing nothing but potty training. Parker knows that the first time he pees on the potty tomorrow he will get a party. And I will have to find somebody to stop by and go all nuts for him! I know my parents will. Unfortunately, as I type this, my brother, Rach and Sam are on their way to Michigan, then IL, then MN before coming back to NC before returning to China (but that is a whole other blog post).

I've got a tray full of goodies for every time he goes potty (and a fridge full of juice to pump him full)....

**the cheerios are for aiming at in the toilet

I've got a stash of underwear, that might last me the morning....

And a prayer that it will all work and that Anderson will obey and be helpful!

Keep you posted on the potty adventure

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy Week!

We've been so busy here at our house for the past week. My brother and his family are home from China for the summer. They are here in our area for 8 days and then off on a mad tour of the midwest. He is taking grad classes in IL and then off to visit family before heading back here for a week or so before heading back to China. His time here at our home is limited so we are soaking it all in! Up at breakfast and then back here at the house after dinner.

A good friend of ours, Lem, and his wife DC is here for a visit as well. They are staying here with us while my brother, Jonathan, and his family are at my parents. Lem and my bro are good friends as well. Its been a whirlwind!

Then off to a local university, where the architecture is gorgeous and the scenery is beautiful. The boys played hide and go seek with Uncle Lem, not sure who had more fun..

There is a garden on campus as well and we took a tour in the heat!

Today we took a drive to the coast and did some good eating! yummy seafood...Sam seemed to like it..

Then we all took a walk on the beach. Anderson got a bit wet, but he didn't seem to mind.

We are tired to say the least. Our friends are returning home tomorrow and we will miss them!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My Baby? (sniff sniff)

This is my baby! He turned 3 today. Here he is...The Carolina Hurricanes were on their way to the Stanley Cup. In fact, I was at game 6 the night before I gave birth. What a memory.

Where did the time go? We had a little family party yesterday, and he got a few presents. My brother and his family arrive on Sat so we are waiting to do a bigger party on Sunday (father's day) and we will open all the presents then...
For months, he has been telling me that he would start to wear underpants. I decided to give it to him for his birthday. He was soo excited, believe it or not??!! In fact, he wouldn't go to bed with his diaper on, he insisted on wearing underwear! So I had to put his underwear over his diaper! Hilarious!

Today, we went to a minor league baseball game. We have a mini season package, and the boys love it! I told Parker I would get him ice cream..and boy did he love it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Race for the Cure

Our family participated for "Race for the Cure" this past weekend. Our sweet friend, Kristi, passed away 4 months ago from breast cancer. She left behind her husband and 3 boys, 5, 2.5 and 4 months old. Her dad's office formed a team, Kristi's Krew. We had over 300 people on our team.
In fact we won "largest team" by a small business. What an emotional day, but it was a good one too. The weather was great (hot but great) and they estimate over 20,000 particpants.

My job was to "man" the team tent. I hung out with my friends, Sarah and Kelly, who are both very pregnant. I also held my friend Jen's baby while she did the 5k with her other 3.

It was a busy morning.

Anderson has been beggin to make a lemonade stand. So Jeff told him that if he did the 5k he could make it. So he did it! Walked the whole way, and didn't whine or complain. What a trooper (considering Mom was still in the tent).

So, that afternoon, Jeff made him a lemonade stand. The price was $1 or a donation. The little guy collected $90!!! Way to go! I"m so proud of him. He was jumping up and down everytime a car went by, screaming "LEMONADE!"....I will never again drive by a lemonade stand and not stop. He was heart broken every time someone wouldn't stop.

It was a good day...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can't Move...

I am on my 2nd week to a new me! I have decided to hit the gym on a more regular schedule. Thanks to my friend, Shelley, who is my accountability partner and personal trainer, she is whipping me into shape. I am trying to make it there about 3-4x a week. Last week it was 4 and it looks like this week may be 3. We do 1 hour of treadmill, elliptical and than another hour for weights. Today, her husband - who I will name "evil workout master" suggested we try this class call STRIKE! Here is the description from the website:

...powered by Everlast. Strike Zone is the latest signature format to be offered. It is an intense, kickboxing-inspired workout, sponsored by Everlast. Challenge yourself with this
full-body interval workout that incorporates traditional kickboxing combinations done with optional weighted gloves, controlled weight-bearing movements and athletic drills. This is NOT your typical kickboxing class!

Okay, people...let me start by explaining that I have no coordination whatsoever, so I was glad we were in the back, the last row, back. I was carrying around the 4lb bar while most were at the 12lb and up department. I have no pride in these classes, pride is checked at the door. I barely finished the class when, I was called out. yep, Parker didn't make it, HOWEVER and thankfully he did not puke! woohoo! We were hoping to hit the yoga class right afterwards.

Needless to say, I can't move my legs/thighs...ugh

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pukey Pukerson

I am so proud of myself that I must proclaim it to the blogging world! Last week, I went to the gym 4x, each time a 2 hour workout! People, this is more than I've been all year! This is mostly, if not all due to my friend, Shelley, who holds me accountable and is there to meet me at the gym. She is THE taskmaster. She knows what she is doing and does not let me give up. And she is okay with me and my funny faces - like when she told me I had to do 3 reps of jumprope and try to do 100 of them! Ha!!! I did 30 each time....

Today was the first time I ever dropped Parker off by himself at the child care center. Most days I dropped the two boys off together or Jeff was home and I could leave the boys home with him. The whole way there, Parker was jabbering about how he was goign to play basketball. he was sooo excited to play and that was what he was going to do. I drop him off at the childcare center, warning the worker that if he gets worked up and if he starts to cry uncontrollably, he WILL throw up! I exit - Make it upstairs to the treadmill, where my friends Jen and Shelley are working out on the treadmill. Make it 2 minutes in and I hear my name over the intercom to report back to the child care center! really! only 2 minutes!

I enter the childcare and yep, he's puked again! ugh...at least they can't say I didn't warn them.

Thankfully, I got him in to see the doctor today (b/c really, i've had enough of the pukes) and the doc thinks it coudl be acid reflux related. He will most likely still puke when he works himself up into a tizzy, but the randomness and the puking when eating should stop! I HOPE SO!! Because the girl has had enough pukes to last a lifetime!