Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can't Move...

I am on my 2nd week to a new me! I have decided to hit the gym on a more regular schedule. Thanks to my friend, Shelley, who is my accountability partner and personal trainer, she is whipping me into shape. I am trying to make it there about 3-4x a week. Last week it was 4 and it looks like this week may be 3. We do 1 hour of treadmill, elliptical and than another hour for weights. Today, her husband - who I will name "evil workout master" suggested we try this class call STRIKE! Here is the description from the website:

...powered by Everlast. Strike Zone is the latest signature format to be offered. It is an intense, kickboxing-inspired workout, sponsored by Everlast. Challenge yourself with this
full-body interval workout that incorporates traditional kickboxing combinations done with optional weighted gloves, controlled weight-bearing movements and athletic drills. This is NOT your typical kickboxing class!

Okay, people...let me start by explaining that I have no coordination whatsoever, so I was glad we were in the back, the last row, back. I was carrying around the 4lb bar while most were at the 12lb and up department. I have no pride in these classes, pride is checked at the door. I barely finished the class when, I was called out. yep, Parker didn't make it, HOWEVER and thankfully he did not puke! woohoo! We were hoping to hit the yoga class right afterwards.

Needless to say, I can't move my legs/thighs...ugh

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