Monday, June 1, 2009

Pukey Pukerson

I am so proud of myself that I must proclaim it to the blogging world! Last week, I went to the gym 4x, each time a 2 hour workout! People, this is more than I've been all year! This is mostly, if not all due to my friend, Shelley, who holds me accountable and is there to meet me at the gym. She is THE taskmaster. She knows what she is doing and does not let me give up. And she is okay with me and my funny faces - like when she told me I had to do 3 reps of jumprope and try to do 100 of them! Ha!!! I did 30 each time....

Today was the first time I ever dropped Parker off by himself at the child care center. Most days I dropped the two boys off together or Jeff was home and I could leave the boys home with him. The whole way there, Parker was jabbering about how he was goign to play basketball. he was sooo excited to play and that was what he was going to do. I drop him off at the childcare center, warning the worker that if he gets worked up and if he starts to cry uncontrollably, he WILL throw up! I exit - Make it upstairs to the treadmill, where my friends Jen and Shelley are working out on the treadmill. Make it 2 minutes in and I hear my name over the intercom to report back to the child care center! really! only 2 minutes!

I enter the childcare and yep, he's puked again! least they can't say I didn't warn them.

Thankfully, I got him in to see the doctor today (b/c really, i've had enough of the pukes) and the doc thinks it coudl be acid reflux related. He will most likely still puke when he works himself up into a tizzy, but the randomness and the puking when eating should stop! I HOPE SO!! Because the girl has had enough pukes to last a lifetime!

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Queenee said...

Hey Mavis - It's beth! Hope your kid quits puking. =]