Sunday, June 14, 2009

Race for the Cure

Our family participated for "Race for the Cure" this past weekend. Our sweet friend, Kristi, passed away 4 months ago from breast cancer. She left behind her husband and 3 boys, 5, 2.5 and 4 months old. Her dad's office formed a team, Kristi's Krew. We had over 300 people on our team.
In fact we won "largest team" by a small business. What an emotional day, but it was a good one too. The weather was great (hot but great) and they estimate over 20,000 particpants.

My job was to "man" the team tent. I hung out with my friends, Sarah and Kelly, who are both very pregnant. I also held my friend Jen's baby while she did the 5k with her other 3.

It was a busy morning.

Anderson has been beggin to make a lemonade stand. So Jeff told him that if he did the 5k he could make it. So he did it! Walked the whole way, and didn't whine or complain. What a trooper (considering Mom was still in the tent).

So, that afternoon, Jeff made him a lemonade stand. The price was $1 or a donation. The little guy collected $90!!! Way to go! I"m so proud of him. He was jumping up and down everytime a car went by, screaming "LEMONADE!"....I will never again drive by a lemonade stand and not stop. He was heart broken every time someone wouldn't stop.

It was a good day...

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Jenna said...

That's so great! Good for Anderson!! My heart breaks for Kristi's family, but what a wonderful way to remember her!