Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dr. Phil is my new BFF

Its 8:30p.m

We have been in potty training boot camp for 12 hours and I am happy to report that we have had a very successful day. I am indebted to Dr. Phil - and my brother who told me about this method!

We started out with just wearing underwear and a shirt and explaining what would happen when he would go on the potty. He would get a pee pee party and candy!

By 10:30 we had made a successful trip to the potty. Now there was wet underwear involved, but that is okay! I have used up an entire roll of paper towels, a container of lysol wipes and half a thing of baby wipes (to wipe the pee that ran down the leg) and consumed 1/2 gallon of apple juice (i dilute 2/3 water). We are at about 1 out of 3 trips to the potty with dry underwear!

So this evening we had a pee pee party for Parker! He asked for a candle, and how could I say NO? (oh and yes I see that the icing is crooked, it melted in the car yesterday)

Of course the day of bodily fluids would not be complete with a "choking" accident. Oh yes, at lunch and dinner Parker vomited, but thankfully we were at home! He just put too much food in his mouth.

Well tomorrow is Day 2 of isolation Potty Boot Camp.


Lisa said...

Hurray! to PDD!!!

Jason & Val said...

Parker is such a big big boy!!!!
I know you are sooo happy this milestone is here! This is still funny how you put it all! I had to smile about the cleaning, you know me! Then the choking! Oh my! I think if I choked while potty training I would wet myself! So, way to go Parker!