Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Are Family....

Its been a busy week! My family from the West Coast invaded my home. My mom turned 65 this month and we had a party for her. About 50 adults and 12 children came over this past weekend. We had a great party! :) I think she really liked it.

It has been a really fun week with all my cousins and their spouses and their kids. My mom's siblings came as well. It is sooo much fun when we all get together. We do nothing but eat and hang out. I know I gain some lbs when we get together. The food at my mom's party was incredible and each meal we eat here, is incredible. I hate it that we don't get to see each other as often. But love every minute we spend together. Its fun for our kids to get together and play and fight - but its brotherly love! :)

The thing that makes me laugh the most is that we all make up names for each other and make our kids use these names. My brother is called "uncle goof" (my cousin has her boys call him that) and my aunt is now "EPo Rocks!' So the name is just "eporocks"....hilarious! :)

We will miss them. My house is will be sad and I will miss the noise!

Pictures to come...

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