Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Miss Laurel

Who is Laurel? Read on...

We are back from a very long vacation. We spent 2 weeks at Disney World and then a week on a Disney Cruise in the Caribbean.

We took advantage of the Disney's free dining they were offering, so we had a lot of food that we didn't have to pay extra for! We did character dining that the boys loved and Epcot was having its annual Food and Wine Festival. We were able to use snack credits for the food and it was divine. And do I even need to mention the massive amount of food I consumed on the cruise? More about the cruise later....


During the course of 2 weeks that we were there, we made 6 trips to the urgen
t care. Yep, all four of us were on antibiotics at some point or another. Parker had an allergic reaction to his antibiotic or some form of allergic reaction, where he broke out in a rash all over his body! Anderson had some bug where he had a high fever for only 24 hours. Which we were very thankful for, since this happened 4 days away from our cruise. We were so fearful it was the flu!!!!

Anderson came to LOVE Mission Space ride at Epcot. He loves Epcot to begin with and I spent 5 full days at Epcot! I am a big fan of Epcot, but seriously, 5 full days! I rode mission space and test track a lot during that time.

Jeff was gone on a business trip for 4 days and of course it was when Anderson was sick. That day I spent 5 hours at the urgent care...some urgent... I thought if I put a mask on him it would help us jump to the front of the line, but NOPE! I am thankful for our good friends, T&H. They took Parker to Magic Kingdom ALL day with them. He had a great time. We were at Disney with 4 other families that we are good friends with. In fact, they all went with us on the cruise as well.

It took Parker a full week to get comfortable with the characters. he was all about them after
that first week. Epcot has an attraction called "Character Spot"
where you stand in line, for about 30-40 minutes, and you see about 5 characters. I did that 4x! It was something that Parker and I would do, when Anderson would ride his rides that Parker wasn't tall enough for. He loved to give them hugs and high fives!

Not sure if I'm ready to do a 2 week trip to Disney again anytime kids were on empty by the time the cruise came around. They each took a nap every day, but I think it still wore them out!


I am a huge fan of the Disney Cruise Line. I have sailed on 2 other cruise lines, and with kids, this is the best. They have an awesome child care facility that my kids loved. The moment they would wake up they would ask "can we go to Oceanner's Club?

We went on the cruise with 12 people total - 8 adults, 4
kids...WHAT A BLAST!

So who is Laurel? My stateroom attendant, that picked up the towels, made my bed, folded the clothes, hung up the
wet clothes, did the turn down service and most importantly, did the towel animals. I asked him if he would move in with me. I did tell him that I will miss him the most.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate as much but it didn't stop us from having a
great time. It rained almost every day, but hey - we were on the floating version of Disney! always something to do.

One of our stops was Grand Cayman and it was raining that day. We left all the kids in the club and headed off the boat to walk around and do some shopping. We knew they would of hated it.

In Cozumel, we had booked us a day at a private beach where it was all you could eat and drink. The kids loved the pool (very cold) and they loved to play in the sand. It was quiet and cozy. They only allow around 50 people to come on the beach every day. And it did rain
on us....

Castaway Cay is Disney's private island in the Bahamas and it is always our favorite stop. We got off first thing in the morning and went the farthest part of the beach. It wasn't as crowded and we had the end of the beach to ourselves for a while. It poured down rain for about 15 minutes but then the sun came out. What a great way to end our vacation! :)

There was so much food on the boat, that I'm afraid to know how many calories I inhaled every day.

We can't wait to go back on another cruise. In fact, we rebooked for October 2011. Yep, 2 years away, but you get a discount and you can always cancel with no penalty.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is too good to be true

As many of you know, we purchased our home almost year ago, and it was a "short sale" it was days from being on the auction block. The house had been empty for 1.5 years, and when we purchased it, the former owner still had possessions. Lets just say that when we closed, they were still in the attic. When they arranged for movers to get their stuff, it took 1.5 moving trucks to haul out the stuff! oh yes... got better We discovered termites a few months ago. Today at our house was Termite Termination day. This nice man from the Termite company came at 8am and was at house til about 5pm, exterminating the termites. When he went under the screen porch to take care of the termites there, he found something quite interesting behind the lattice around the screen porch. He found BOXES AND BOXES AND BOXES of women’s clothes! Oh yes ladies, women’t clothes. He said, there were termites in there and he wouldn’t be surprised if there are dead animals inside these boxes. SERIOUSLY! SERIOUSLY!???!!!!???!!!!

Any volunteers to take away the boxes? Or does anyone need new clothes? J