Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I really wasn't sure how I would like being at Walt Disney World for Christmas. Turned out, I loved it!!! It was so easy, with nothing to do but go to Magic Kingdom. We had planned to wake up at 6:30am and head out the door. But on Christmas Eve, that planned changed. There was 70% chance of rain all morning.

Anderson woke up at 6am, came out to see his presents from Santa and played by himself for almost an hour. Around 7am the rest of us woke up and we had a great time opening presents and enjoying the time being a family. Around 10am, the rain let up, so we decided to make a dash for the park. We got there around 11am and the park wasn't full. We had heard a lot about how they have to shut down the park by 10am b/c it is at capacity (65k people!).
The rain helped us out a lot. We wanted to see the Christmas parade.
It started at 12nn so we went and staked out our spot and got an awesome spot in Frontierland. This is the parade they normally show only to people attending the "Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party". However, the parties are over on the 22nd (or so) and then they start doing the Parade and Fireworks for everyone at Magic Kingdom.

Next, we tortured the kids by bringing them to Haunted Mansion. This is one of my faves! The boys were terrified, and luckily I have ridden this ride about 100 times so I knew when the scary parts were. They were not happy to say the least.

We tootled around for a little bit, and then rain came! It was coming down in sheets. We took
cover in Pecos Bill's and waited for it to let up. The boys were not happy...

We left Magic Kingdom and immediately, all 3 of us fell asleep. Not Jeff as he was driving. Apparently, he drove around for about an hour to let us sleep (mainly Parks). We made it to Boma, Animal Kingdom Lodge, for our Christmas Dinner reservations. We love this restaurant. Its great food and service. We try to eat here everytime we come to Disney.

To finish off our Christmas Day of 2009, we headed over to Hollywood Studios. They have an AWESOME display of Christmas lights. A family donated their personal collection of Christmas lights to Disney in 1995. You can read about it here. There is a coordination of the lights with music and fake snow. The boys love it, and it was great thing to finish the day with.

As we were leaving, the "American Idol Experience" finale show had started. They were airing it on the big screen right outside the theatre. This is really cool, all throughout the day, there are auditions and from each audition show they take the finalist and they return for the finale show. Then the audience votes for the winner and that winner gets a "golden ticket". It gives them the right to show up to any audition for American Idol and they get through the "first round". We have seen the show 2x before, and the boys love it. So we stuck around outside and watched it.

What a great Christmas Day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Disney Day 2 and 3 and Christmas Eve!

As I update, DH is out trying to find a tree...I hope he is successful...

Day 2 - Epcot & Magic Kingdom

We headed over to Epcot around 9am. DH and Anderson zipped over to do Test Track and Mission Space - Anderson's all time favorite. While Parker and I headed for Character Spot.
On our trip last October, we did this 5x! oh yes! Thankfully, the Character Spot had just opened about 15 minutes and we only had about a 20minute wait. Awesome! Parker loves his characters and Anderson is really past them. Never was into them, and caught on pretty quick that they are just grown ups in costumes. Parks thinks they are real and are quite concerned when ever they go "for a snack". Since Parker is too short to ride Test Track and Mission Space, this eats up a good amount of time for us.

We were able to knock out Character Spot and Spaceship Earth before it was time to meet up with DH and Anderson.

One of the boys' favorite thing to do is go to "Club Cool". They have Cokes from around the world you sample. Since drinking soda is treat, they love this!

We decided to brave "Finding Nemo" (30min wait!) and hung around
there for a while before heading back to our hotel for a nap. Relax!

We headed over to eat dinner at a restaurant nearby. Now normally this wouldn't be too exciting, but this place did it rig
ht. They had a small outdoor patio seating area, but right next to it, was an enclosed playground! oh yes, DH and I were able to have a quiet dinner for ourselves while the boys ran crazy. They were the only ones in it, so that was a bonus!

Next we headed off to Magic Kingdom. When we walked in, it was so wonderful. The magic
took over. The place was gorgeous and it felt like Christmas. We arrived around 7pm and started to stake out our spot for the SpectroMagic parade. Yes, we are one of THOSE PEOPLE. We wait on our curb all arrogant and don't EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO TAKE UP ANY OF OUR REAL ESTATE! Won't name names, but there have been ugly exchanges more than once. People trying to butt in our space at the last minute - I THINK NOT! So DH or I take turns sitting in o
ur area and then taking the boys on a ride. They really wanted to do the Indy speedway, it was a 40minute wait and then about 20min to do it 2x. The nice people let us just do another lap switching drivers - the boys take turns.

We love the SpectroMagic parade. Its so fun, and Parker has really gotten into the parades. Like I said, he really thinks the characters are REAL! Its cute. We had planned to stick around to watch the fireworks show, b/c ITS AWESOME! But the boys were melting down, and we didn't want to risk some ugliness as the masses were exiting.


We spent the morning at Hollywood Studios. Again, DH took Anderson to ride Star Tours(star wars) while Parker and I did the Playhouse Disney show and character greet. I love meeting the characters, so this is not a problem for me! The lines aren't too bad. Not any worse then when were there this past fall.

When we met up, Parker was tired, he didn't want to do anything! So Jeff took him in the car, and he was asleep before they pulled out of
the lot. Anderson and I took the ferry over to Epcot. A nice leisurely ride.

We had a dinner package for the Candlelight Processional. I was really looking forward to this. We first ate dinner at San Angel, the Mexico restaurant, and then headed over to theatre in America. Each year, starting after Thanksgiving, they have different celebrities read the Christmas story (from the Bible) and there is an orchestra, choir and different high school choirs that all get together. IT WAS AWESOME! I was telling DH that I wished we lived closer so that I could come and listen to it each weekend. They have about a dozen or so celebrities that come and read it through the time. Our reader was Edward James Olmos. This was his 9th consecutive year. He was fantastic. It was amazing. We sat in the second row, and Anderson seemed to really enjoy it, Parker - not so much. But they both did great.

One thing that is really neat at Epcot around the holidays, they have storytellers at each country telling how that country celebrates the holidays. We didn't get to see many, but one we did catch was Mexico and it was really neat. They spoke about how they celebrate "Three Kings Day" in honor of the 3 Wise Man.

We left after the show, and went to get situated in our new hotel/condo/timeshare. No fireplace or chimney, so here is our makeshift stocking hangers.
The boys got new Mickey jammies (they are Christmas ones!)...
We got Santa a cookie from the Bakery at Disney, these cookies ARE AWESOME! Santa is really going to enjoy them...
Merry Christmas to all! And remember that Jesus is the true reason for the Season!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas at Disney - Day 1

We purchased the annual pass when we were in Disney this past October. So I wasn't all that worried about being here during the holidays. A few hours here and there would be okay.

We pulled in late last night, checked into a hotel around 12:30am. This was after trying to decide which one to go to. There were plenty of space available, but trying to make the decision. Thank goodness for the iphone! We settled in and the boys were quickly put to bed.

We had a slow start, on purpose, this morning but arrived to Animal Kingdom around 11:30 or so. First stop - "Finding Nemo, the musical". The boys love this show, and its my all time favorite. Last trip, I bought the soundtrack so the boys and I have been singing to it a lot lately. Shockingly, they didn't sing along to any of the songs.

Next, Parker wanted to the see characters. So we went to Camp Minnie Mickey and waited. The lines weren't bad, they weren't worse then what we had in October. Anderson was being grouchy about having to see the characters, so he and DH left to walk around and see the sights. Parker and I saw, Mickey, Goofy (his fave), and Donald. We always skip Minnie, she's a girl. Last trip, it took us a week for Parker to warm up to the characters, this time, Mickey got a big ole hug! Not quite comfortable doing it himself, but still no tears or crying! BONUS!
We spent the rest of our time doing the safari and watching the parade. We are parade stalkers. We like to stake out a spot for at least 30minutes! Better not try and creep in...

Boys did really well for no nap. Parks was out cold by sweet peace.

Tomorrow we are going to brave Epcot (Anderson's all time favorite park!) and Magic Kingdom.

Thursday, December 17, 2009



Not just food, I mean because that has been my problem too lately. I had a stomach ache today and I think its b/c my pants were too tight.

Let me first tell you all what is on my plate for the next 48 hours...

I am organizing our Sunday School Christmas Party for about 60 adults and 70 kids or so.. I should be trying to figure out my centerpieces but instead I'm in bed b/c I'm exhausted! :) This is happening tomorrow night.

Then on Saturday, I'm hosting a Christmas Party at my house that will have 75 bodies. WHAT AM I THINKING! Trying to organize my list. I have some sitters coming to watch over the 40 or so kids that will be tearing up my house. WHAT AM I THINKING

And NOW THEY ARE FORECASTING FOR SNOW! PLEASE! this cannot be happening to me...

OH and did I mention I am leaving for Disney on Sunday. We weren't supposed to leave til Tuesday or Wednesday, and now Jeff says let's leave Sunday or Monday morning...

I think I need to go to bed....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookie Day

It's cookie making day here at our house! I had a big helper, as you see! It took twice as long, but it didn't matter. He really enjoyed himself. We make cookies to give out to teachers, and friends. I tried out two new recipes this year, and I really liked one. Its called Chunky Chocolate Gobs. They have Mounds and Oreo in them! sooooo good!

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