Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas at Disney - Day 1

We purchased the annual pass when we were in Disney this past October. So I wasn't all that worried about being here during the holidays. A few hours here and there would be okay.

We pulled in late last night, checked into a hotel around 12:30am. This was after trying to decide which one to go to. There were plenty of space available, but trying to make the decision. Thank goodness for the iphone! We settled in and the boys were quickly put to bed.

We had a slow start, on purpose, this morning but arrived to Animal Kingdom around 11:30 or so. First stop - "Finding Nemo, the musical". The boys love this show, and its my all time favorite. Last trip, I bought the soundtrack so the boys and I have been singing to it a lot lately. Shockingly, they didn't sing along to any of the songs.

Next, Parker wanted to the see characters. So we went to Camp Minnie Mickey and waited. The lines weren't bad, they weren't worse then what we had in October. Anderson was being grouchy about having to see the characters, so he and DH left to walk around and see the sights. Parker and I saw, Mickey, Goofy (his fave), and Donald. We always skip Minnie, she's a girl. Last trip, it took us a week for Parker to warm up to the characters, this time, Mickey got a big ole hug! Not quite comfortable doing it himself, but still no tears or crying! BONUS!
We spent the rest of our time doing the safari and watching the parade. We are parade stalkers. We like to stake out a spot for at least 30minutes! Better not try and creep in...

Boys did really well for no nap. Parks was out cold by 7:30pm...aw sweet peace.

Tomorrow we are going to brave Epcot (Anderson's all time favorite park!) and Magic Kingdom.

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