Friday, May 14, 2010

The newest member of our family...


DH found the BGE (as its affectionately called amongst EGGHEAD circles) on craigslist for $50..that's right folks, $50. We needed to buy some replacements parts, but it all ended up being around 1/4 of the price for a new one! woohoo! We have eaten off the EGG for a week straight. Its a fun thing to try. We've done ribs 2x, salmon, pizza (frozen) and we are experimenting with veggies and maybe even desesert?

The downside, is that DH likes to find places where they are selling the accessories that go with the EGG and then he comes out with more than 1. He drove 1/2 hour away the other day to get a platesetter (it helps you do indirect cooking) and he came out with too much stuff! :) I think he can't go into these stores unsupervised. Its hard to find local retails that sell cooking tools for the EGG so sometimes you have to drive a ways to get it. I love it, b/c it gets him more involved in the cooking and he really likes it. DH hasn't always been the best at grilling so we are trying to perfect his skills!

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