Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Off Roading and Climbing in Sedona

We rented a jeep for the day in Sedona.  Jeep Rental is a big deal here!  The most popular are the Pink Jeep Tours.

We decided to do it ourselves.  The rental company gave us a map and away we went.  It was some serious off roading.  DH was in his element and the boys had a great time!  I saw it as a foreshadowing as a mother of 2 boys.

My DS4 all he wanted to do was climb.  "climb climb" that is all we heard all day long! 

the roads were definitely adventurous.  Many times I was holding on for dear life.  Of course we couldn't go on the "easy" or "moderate" trails, we had to do the more difficult ones.  We got through about 5 trails for the day and did some hiking along the trails. 

Here I am hiking!  The proof!

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