Monday, March 14, 2011

Reviving the blog

Well I thought it was time to revive the blog.

We are traveling in Arizona right now. I flew out on my own with the boys. Delta provided the best flight ever. We flew a 767 out and each person has their own tv screen. BONUS!!!

We spent 5 days with family, eating ourselves silly. My uncle owns a restaurant in Mesa. Such good food!!!!! Hawaiian and Asian - Aloha Kitchen. The boys were so good.

We rented an RV from someone outside of Phoenix. But of course it came with much drama. Short story of it is that make sure you find out if your auto insurance carrier will cover RV rental. We ended up switching our auto insurance (it was cheaper) and then the original jerk/dude backed out. Gave us back our deposit. This is happening 24 hours before DH has to board the plane to meet me here. DH made a gazillion phone calls before getting the solution we did. We found another renter, last minute (it's spring break out here) and got this beauty.

However whe. We picked it up, I was half expecting Jack Bauer to jump out. He keeps his RVs stored at some junkyard with tanks and large machinery everywhere!!! It was an experience.

We loaded up today thanks to my auntie Lisa and UNkJer who lent us half their house for this trip!!!

We made it here to Sedona and we are planning for a busy day tomorrow!

Can't figure out how to upload pics from my iPad. Blogger is not letting me...

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